Built with Love: Ohmyhome Expands in the Philippines

Friday, September 25, 2020

A property tech startup from Singapore, Ohmyhome is now expanding services in the Philippines. Sisters and Founders Race and Rhonda Wong initially started operations in 2016 with 10 people, 2 of which were Filipinos who wanted to be with their families. They promised them they'll be closer to home and eventually put up a branch in Manila after a few years. They figured the country is in dire need of industry solutions and deemed there are gaps in local property markets which they can address. 

This was a dream come true for them and it all started with love for their family, that accounts for a lot.

Race and Rhonda themselves felt the need for property related decisions when they moved homes. Aside from getting bad deals from agents and real estate companies, it was super complicated. Choosing a home is a huge decision and this is where they want Ohmyhome could help. 

"Our platform will enable Filipinos to buy, sell and rent properties themselves for FREE. This would save them time and money. If they prefer, we also have our professional agents who can personally assist them in transactions from start to finish. This happens while they seamlessly use our technology behind-the-scenes, enabling our own agents to fully focus on our customers needs."

The Ohmyhome app and website efficiently matches buyers and sellers using a unique algorithm. It also follows their search criteria granularly so the results would be homes that they want. The Ohmyhome team started in the Philippines in 2017, initially serving Singapore and Malaysia. The team has carefully studied the Philippine real estate industry to modify the platform based on tech, data and team research. 

They currently have 5,000 property transactions in Singapore and Malaysia but boasts a customer satisfaction rate of 99%. Ohmyhome wants the same to happen in the Philippines as they advance its technological capabilities. Surely, this would become the norm in the future.

You may download the app on the App Store or Google Play, you can also visit their website at OMH.sg.


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