YouTube Phenom Ja Mill Are Now Speaks G Ambassadors

Thursday, September 17, 2020

11 Million YouTube subscribers and  Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad still isn't stopping there. The popular Ja Mill just added feathers to their hat by being the ambassadors for Speaks G. 

Speaks G produces the best skin care products made of organic ingredients, and these two only trust them to make their skin glow, and stay young. Today, they understand how it is to be in front of the camera and each time they do dance numbers, skits, and everyday life. Looking their best, is part of the business and those millions of views don't come like magic without presenting themselves well, with the utmost positivity every time. 

Having nice skin builds confidence and having that is important to them as influencers who often need to be in the public eye.

Founder and COO of Skin Magical Ms. Ghie Pangilinan says "Ja Mill personifies the brands ideals of being always fun and fresh. They are a source of happiness amidst troubled times and you can find very interesting and amusing content on their channel which makes us all stress free!"

For those who don't know, Speaks G is not harmful to the skin because their products are composed of all natural ingredients which are proven safe for all skin types. Jayzam and Camille also use the Speaks G Sun Defense and Brightening Lotion often because it helps keep their skin stay soft, smooth and moisturized.

Jayzam says “Camille and I would just like to express our gratitude to Speaks G for trusting us to represent the brand. Til now, we couldn’t believe that we are chosen as endorsers of these high-quality skin care products.  Thank you so much for being a huge blessing to us. We are so honored to be part of the Speaks G family! Ms. Ghie and their team have truly shown support. We know they really care for us.”

Aside from the Speaks G Sun Defense and Brightening Lotion, the brand also has the Orange Whitening Soap, Rejuvenating Maintenance Set, an AHA Serum, Bleaching Lotion, Magic Whitening Lotion, Mousse Cream, Fast Whitening Soap, Pore Minimizer Gel, Calamansi Honey Serum, Collagen Elastin Cream, Mellow Lip and Cheek Tint and an Underarm Peeling Set. 

Currently, Speaks G is being sold at online stores, authorized resellers, distributors and franchisees in the country. You may check their website at You may also check their social media pages Speaks G Skin Essential on Facebook and speaksg.main on Instagram.

Watch them shine!


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