Double Cashback on PayMaya til September 30

Saturday, September 26, 2020

If there's food, I'm there! 

And what better way to become loaded this quarantine period but to order away your tears with fastfood and restaurant take out. It's convenient, fast, especially if it's a huge chore for you to cook at home and wash dishes. 😂

Anyway, I am the chosen one at home, the tribute, the one who buys stuff when needed. So when I do go out and buy food and medicine, I whip my phone out and use cashless payments via PayMaya. I have had the surprise of my life one day to have had the unbelievable experience of getting 100% cashbacks from the app returning what I paid for with the medicine and groceries I got. This thing happened about 4 times and I guess I'm a bit lucky, which is why I like to always pay with it when I can in establishments. I've had some of my friends do it too, so I don't really need to convince you to install it right? Right 😄

So anyway, the folks at PayMaya thought... What could be better than giving them cashbacks? Then said of course, give them all Double Cashbacks! You get the chance to get up to Php 500 worth of cashbacks twice if you use the #ScanToPay or pay online with your mobile phone number option with PayMaya. This includes online orders made via Facebook Messenger through merchants like Mang Inasal, Burger King, Red Ribbon, Greenwich, Chowking and more! Two chances to get that (minimum spend of Php 500) is just lovely! Aside from the food establishments, you can buy supplies at partner merchants like Robinsons Supermarket, Landers, Rustans Supermarket, Super8, Waltermart, Ministop, Shopwise, AllDay Supermarket and a whole lot more. Use the QR scan option because it's fast and convenient.

I just got my cashbacks earlier when I went to Robinsons Supermart in Jimenez. It was small though, but hey, I'll take anything! 🤣 So are you gonna do it now? Double is nice you know!


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