The Empowered and Radiant Regine Tolentino

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Just got off the press conference with the newest Radiance C brand endorser Ms. Regine Tolentino. A mother of 3, this actress, certified physical instructor and jack of all trades still looks and feels like she’s in her prime, probably because she is  really taking good care of herself. The brand she's endorsing called Radiance C is new in the market; it has tons of vitamins and minerals, anti oxidants, and even collagen. It also is also available in all Watsons stores. 

She says “Looking and feeling beautiful is effortless when it comes from within. I just gave birth and honestly it was traumatic for me and I talked to lots of doctors because I might have had post partum depression, good thing I had my children and Dondi was there to help and support me. It was comforting my family was there, I also pray with them and do novenas every once in a while. It brought our family together, closer, and we are raising a new child despite being very busy. I ask myself what I can do everytime to look and feel my best even if we didn’t have any events, I sort of let go during my pregnancy to enjoy it so I didn’t do anything. Now I move, dress up and take care of my self. I also started watching my favorite people,  my mentors who motivate me. I also joined classes, do fitness routines and dress up even if I didn’t fit in them. I also did it to make me feel alright. Then I wore better clothes, did diet, started cooking, cleaning the house together with my kids, a holistic approach to get back there. I had support, in some way, I need to be more vain to look and feel my best, it's about self love and self care. That is my goal, and I’m getting there slowly but surely.”

She adds “We were so scared everyday to go to the hospital, it was very stressful for me. It was a trying time for me, and all the frontliners that I see. It was a struggle because we were experiencing all the things together. We just made sure we are careful and sometimes do get overly protective. My mind was exploding thinking about the scary time during pandemic. We just had to deal with it and pray, yes a lot of tears, but it made us stronger as a family. Everything changed and we are all exploring so many things business wise that time. We had to make changes. Now you can survive and have parties and events online. You just all have to learn how to embrace the new normal. My Mom, my Aunt, we have cancer in our family so I am making sure I live a healthy lifestyle so I can live and enjoy my kids longer. I am so glad my kids are naturally smart and they are the ones suggesting things for our safety, and that includes staying at home during the pandemic. I am turning 42 in two days and I am proud to have accomplished a lot. To always stay strong and have goals. I tell my kids to do what makes them happy and I will support them 100%.”

She also reiterated “I love Radiance C! It’s anti aging, and also helps nourish you and your skin. Radiance C has been a good thing for me and my family. I hope people would be able to try it now that it’s available in Watson’s.”

Radiance C gives that smooth radiant glow on your skin, gives you relief in some forms of allergies, and a relaxing sleep. This also makes your body stronger against illness and disease. This has Calcium Ascorbate for Vitamin C, Quercetin which is an antioxidant, NAC which is a glutathione booster, Selenium for anti aging and anti cancer,  Vitamin D3 for stronger bones, Calcium Carbonate for heart and added bone health. This is FDA approved and is made in the US. If you're looking for extra stuff to protect yourself from getting sick, and still be pretty, this might be the best one for you. I took it today and felt cute!

To know more, visit their parent company and they've got other stuff you can use daily. Again, they are also available in Watson's! Who knows, you could become the next Regine Tolentino eh? :)


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