Fast Selling Xiaomi Poco X3 at the Shopee 9.9 Sale

Monday, September 14, 2020

They were all over social media, scurrying how to get one because as soon as the Shopee 9.9 Sale started, people got on their phones and tried to check out and purchade the Xiaomi Poco X3. They just recently launched this and they did it exclusively on the Shopee app, I wasn't surprised how fast stocks were gone. It's got Quad Cameras with 64, 13 and 2 2MP lenses which takes stunning photos. I haven't owned one but seeing outputs from other users, I've seen how sharp the images are and I envy them a lot. 

They also have Night Mode (for photos) and Shoot Steady tech for videos on these phones which is so perfect for those who are just starting to vlog. They come in pretty colors too like Shadow Gray and Cobalt Blue, quite trendy, makes you feel a little young. 😄 

The phone also takes about 256GB expandable storage which would probably mean you never have to delete a photo again, those selfies would be precious commodity one day I bet! Security wise, this doesn't disappoint as it carries a side mounted fingerprint sensor and AI Face Unlock when needed. Best of all, it can handle games and heat, which not so many could actually take. I'm going to give you a little help as I've figured out where their official store on Shopee is. I also took the liberty to also include the phones from there too.

Xiaomi Official Store

Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC 6G+64G

Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC 6G+128G

If you are looking for it, go visit Google Play and the App Store first to download the Shopee app because the Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC 6G+128G is a good deal.  They also have special sale for tech products coming out plus free shipping and discount vouchers just by playing simple and fun games. You don't even have to leave home and sometimes can pay cash on delivery on some stores. The Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC 6G+128G would be a nice companion, go download the app here first.

I wouldn't want to blame you if you miss it. Sales don't come by that often, unless you're there. 😄


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