Business Survival: The Barrio Fiesta Story

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I remember every Barrio Fiesta meal I had. Now that I’ve been confined in my home, I remember several bowls of puto’t dinuguan (pork blood stew), ginataang halo halo, inihaw na liempo, lechon kawali, ensalada, mangga’t bagoong and kare kare that always had my attention. I also keep a stash, pieces of Barrio Fiesta products at home which eventually ends in Balik Bayan boxes to send to the US, or just with me because I adore their sweet chili bagoong for all the right reasons.

Speaking of which, Prime Global Corporation is taking steps to adjust to the new normal. They are very optimistic to see how Filipinos have risen up to the occasion and have done home based online food businesses, food deliveries and take outs to augment the needs of Pinoys. They’re taking their packaged foods online and diversify it. The lovely shrimp paste now gets more attention with the new sauces, spreads, dry mixes and snacks. PGC Marketing Head Ms Rachelle Gigante says “We are seeing growth opportunities with the rise of new home chefs. This would bring interest to lutong bahay recipes and we all want to be there for them. This is why we have also shared our recipes and tips on our social media channels, to also help people who have lost their livelihood.”

They also cancelled their on ground efforts and shifted online. This include opening bulk orders on their Facebook page so whole communities can get them easily. Aside from that, they also have these products on Barrio Fiesta stores, huge groceries and supermarts too. They also maintain high quality and authentic taste, which makes them execute their strong business model here and international markets claiming almost 65 percent market share in shrimp pastes. PCG President and CEO Vincent Ace Villa-real says “Our goal is to further dominate, aspire to be the top company for sauces, dressings, condiments and packaged food categories. We are not a single product company so expansion and partnerships are a given. We are a strong retail brand with superior taste and quality. We have strong fundamentals and are taking advantage of that!”

Earlier this year, they started manufacturing the Barrio Fiesta Gourmet series Patis (fish sauce), Barrio Fiesta Tubasuk (Spiced Cane Vinegar), the Crispy Joy Breading Mix, the Peanut Butter Spreads, Fiesta Chicken and Beef Broth Cubes. For kicks, they also have the new Barrio Fiesta Jumbo Roasted Peanuts. Undeniably, they do really good products which I consider staples at home. 

Make sure you follow their social media accounts to get their really good recipes. 

You’ll love what’s happening with Barrio Fiesta, and the good things they plan to have for you soon!


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