Up to 30% OFF Miniso Products on Grand Launch at Shopee

Friday, September 25, 2020

Something useful, something cute, something special, all comes from a lovely store we all call Miniso. It's the only place in the country where you can find A LOT OF THINGS you thought you didn't need but get it and feel so happy afterwards. Well, since the quarantine happened, they're making the good move to now be available online via their official Miniso PH shop on Shopee. 

Since they are celebrating their grand launch, you can get absolute love from them by getting up to 30 percent off on several items like official Marvel merch. The Miniso Marvel Cleansing Wipes for example costs Php 179 before now costs only Php 143. Who would have known you can get Spiderman clean you up gently like that right? They also have Miniso Marvel Night Light that costs Php 499 before and now costs Php 399 now. This can make you get your bedroom a little more navigative friendly, you won't be bumping your shin on tables and stuff because you can see gentle light on your way to the CR. They also have cute and huggable Miniso Marvel Plush Captain America for young boys and girls to enjoy.

Since I'm nice today, here's where you can get them all including the actual shop in the Shopee app!

MinisoPH Official Store


Miniso Marvel Cleansing Wipes


Miniso Marvel Night Light


Miniso Marvel Plush Captain America (Round)


If you haven't had the experience of shopping in the Shopee app and want to start now that Miniso is online, you can download it off Google Play and the App Store here. Sometimes, I believe you deserve the convenient shopping experience from the app... As I do too when I shop in it.

Take a breather now that Miniso can be accessed now on the Shopee app!


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