UNIQLO Launches Fortnite Chapter 2 UT Collection

Sunday, September 27, 2020

I've been playing this for a couple of years now and yes, I fancy all the things I can buy with VBucks because they just keep getting better each season. Albeit getting different characters each time we land, we often see those nice costumes put to use and remember how we look silly chopping off trees and shooting, saving, looting other players. These days, they've been toying with superheroes too and I'm still having a hard time building defense, enough about geeking out. I'm sure you are reading this because you LOVE Fortnite. Good news is, they're dishing out new UNIQLO UT Shirts with designs you'll absolutely go crazy about!

Just look at that! The designs all get your iconic items and gear into your UT shirt. They call em DJ Yonder, Drift, Skull Trooper (those weird soldiers you had to get rid of in quests), Peely (which I often call Bananaman), Llama (ultra nice loots!) and Robot. Most of them will have Japanese katakana script and pop colors to make them a bit more playful, quintessential UT pieces. These will be priced at Php 790 each.

These items will be available in Uniqlo stores nationwide and Uniqlo.com's website (https://www.uniqlo.com/ph/en/spl/ut-collection) so head on there and order now! You can also conveniently order them via the Uniqlo app which you can download on Google Play or the App Store. Go dive out from the bus and wear them proud! 


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