Help a friend with PayMaya

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

These days it’s been really hard to move especially when there’s quarantine protocols to follow and the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. It’s dangerous outside and social distancing has only been the proven way of stopping this, a real bummer huh?!

Now I know most of you have friends and family. Sometimes you feel that they need help, but most of them don’t ask outright because they’re really too shy to do so. I’ve been doing this in my capacity, not that much but I hope in some way or form, it could actually help. If you haven’t used PayMaya all these years, you might want to do that now. The app is pretty handy in sending money to other PayMaya users, and I’ve received payments with it too. Some don’t actually know PayMaya can send to bank accounts via Instapay and Smart Padala agents which is available nationwide. It also has the ability to send money to PeraHub branches (all 3,000+ of them) so even if they don’t have a PayMaya account, they can simply receive it that way. 

The PeraHub branch just needs you to fill out a transaction slip, a valid ID and a small fee for the transaction. Recipients will get a text message which contains the reference number and voila! That’s as easy as that to transfer funds now. What that means is that they can simply go to a PeraHub branch near them to get the funds, to at least get a little help from you. A little something to show you care. 

That’s priceless.


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