The New 2020 Toyota Hilux

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Toyota Motors Philippines just launched the new Toyota Hilux, the country’s favorite pickup truck. It’s the toughest on every road and has served Filipinos for years. This new model also comes in cargo mode which would be perfect for businesses who require heavy loads. It’s 4x4 variety has a 2.8 diesel engine, 201 HP, very fuel efficient despite its size, and very nice interiors. Of course, it’s why the name came from “high luxury”.

They also got a new color variant called Emotional Red. It also does Apple Car Play and Android Car, connects to bluetooth in a cinch, and does a very smooth ride. It also has got cruise control so you get relaxed in long drives, it also detects things if you are near possible bumps when parking. Six Speed or Automatic, and Manual Transmission, they all work good with any type of driver. The 7 air bags also makes sure you are safe when accidents happen.

Atsuhiro Okamoto says “Hilux sales may have been affected by the pandemic, all models. But in this situation, the small vehicles are doing okay. Overall, the demand is still there and we are waiting for guidelines  for the next few months, hopefully more relaxed and if that happens, demand will normalize.”

Rommel Gutierrez FVP for Corporate Affairs says “We have sold only hundreds of cars this month, we have seen the trend is increasing, hopefully this is going to be hitting the years targets less 30% which we expect to happen.”

Sherwin Chualim says “The lack of transportation hs increased the sales for Hilux because of the need for carrying people and goods in the market. It has a more powerful engine but 15% more fuel efficient than its predecessor. It has been the number one pickup truck in the past few years because it is tough for business or leisure use. We made it more safer on the road and more relatable to users. This is legendary, still. It will have one price across the country, it has built in value rates, tradein rebates and free periodic maintenance which customers can take advantage.”

Hilux customers will love the new version, assembled in Thailand, this will be 20,000 strong in the Philippines hopefully before the year ends. At 840,000-1.8 Million price range and 12 varieties of this Hilux (cargo and FX included), it fits a lot of budget points for consumers. You can check it out on for a virtual showroom tour. This is why the 7,000+ Hilux units are already out there just this year, hopefully more before the year ends. 

So who wants a tough vehicle?


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