A Classy Looking Phone that Performs Well: OPPO A95

Monday, March 14, 2022

I spent a couple of weeks using this phone and by any standard, it's pretty sick. This is the OPPO A95, one of OPPO's newest phones in the market and with what I've heard, this does photos and videos quite well. That's something that I need especially for creating content these days because quality before I even edit things, is certainly something that I wanted to have.

Really Good Hardware

Specs wise, the OPPO A95 doesn't dissapoint because the battery life is quite phenomenal. With 5000mAh, you can last the whole day and even have more for music and media when your events call for it. With their 33W Flash Charge, it won't be problematic if you're charging the phone for a few minutes. Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 and proprietary System Booster, you'll have performance happen on the most resource draining applications like games or editing software, which I'm pretty fond of using. I played Mobile Legends and CODM with it, heating was actually not an issue even though I've probably expected it to do so. Albeit having a plastic back panel, it didn't feel uncomfortable during the hours I've handled it. OPPO made the OPPO A95 also look classy, with that sheen you find in pearls, it has made the variant I handled (Glowing Rainbow Silver) look expensive yet stay very light.

The phone also has 8GB+128GB ROM plus its capability to expand storage. The screen is wide at 6.43 inch, so you kinda enjoy watching YouTube videos and movies when on landscape. Here's how I unboxed it a few days ago.


 The OS is good

With its ColorOS 11.1, the interface is very smooth when you switch apps. I tried memory hogging apps for video editing and games, but so far, I've never had it hang at all.

Pretty Good Cameras

This has got 3 cameras at the back that's got 48MP, 2MP for the depth of field and 2MP for the macro shots. The portrait mode was actually not too overly processed and got the blurry parts right. It also didn't make the image too warm which is something that I've noticed on other brands but that's another story. The AI mode for Beautification was just enough to cover little imperfections, you can even do without it tbh. If you're fond of going back to events, even if it's dark where you're at, the night mode on front and back should do you good. They too must have figured 4K videos is a little too heavy to be edited hence the 1080P on this handset. All your raw videos can be edited on their propreitary software called SoLoop, though I haven't used it yet it kinda does things automatically so it's not gonna be hard to learn how to use it. It's also a lot easy on the eyes as it's got AI Eye Care which automatically detects brightness and adjusts the screen to your liking, or manually, you can do it too.

Does it justify the price point? Certainly, it's got a lot of premium features but remained mid-range, I think that's good. If you want to know more about the OPPO A95, check out OPPO's social channels and official website. There's lots of things you will like about it. I'm practically sold on the photos.


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