SKY FIBER Offers SWAK Internet Packages This 2022

Friday, March 04, 2022

Today was a good time for coffee together with the folks from SKY Fiber. The company is launching speed packages that is both fast and affordable.

James Dumlao of Sky Fiber's Programming and Airtime Group says "The past two years have been challenging. We're adapting to work from home, online shopping, doing videos online and connecting with loved ones. Good quality internet is a necessity and we at Sky Fiber want to commit our services for the market today at the Swak na Swak media launch. There are options out there, but the choosing the right plan is a little difficult to do. The SWAK PLAN brings value for our subscribers. Yumi and Philip of Davao Conyo will share their experiences and we look forward to see you our Sky Kapamilya in events soon."

Yumi says "For me, updating my friends seem normal and I post it online. My followers appreciate it and they recognize me in malls, so I felt someone is watching me and I feel glad seeing that. Back in 2018 I was just a bored teen looking for apps, I downloaded it and was surprised I could share short videos. I made content for it and it didn't blew up overnight, maybe my 5th one did. And I found an Oppa for me. Sharing content on Tiktok is something that I do regularly, and Sky Fiber makes it possible."

Davao Conyo's Philip Hernandez says "I'm an introvert but when I go to malls, I get noticed because of the content I put out. I don't feel super special, but everyone creates videos nowadays. The difference I think is the humor we put in it. I am gay and funny, so I really made and effort to perform. I made videos from commercials I've watched when I was a kid, it was like an experiment on Facebook and I was too shy to actually do that. I didn't appear in skits before, it was like just me and a voice. The one that blew up was my 4 Sisters and a Wedding in Bisaya. That went viral, and I knew then that it was what the public wanted. The unique narrative of having hollywood films in my lines was something that people looked forward to. I had to be really careful because of copyright stuff. You also need to be consistent, sometimes videos are daily. I need upload speeds that can cater that. For me, the WIFI Mesh solved so many of my problems because I am at the second floor of my home where it was usually dismal, but now Sky Fiber has it. and it's cute!"

Sky Fiber offers 999 per month for 20 Mbps, 30 Mbps for Php 1,299 per month. For heavy streaming they have 75mbps at 1699, 100Mbps for 2299 per month, with a generous 50Mbps boost until April this year. They also ahve bundled Cable and Broadband Plans for you at Php 1699 for 40Mbps. Now is the time to switch to Sky Fiber, with FREE Installation fees and Wifi Mesh packages included in the plan. The speed boost is available for plans 50Mbps and above. It's a treat for subscribers and they plan to extend its duration, you're better off getting one now!


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