What's in your SHOPEE Cart?

Monday, March 14, 2022

At this day and age, it's okay to share what you have on your cart. Since it's going to be 3.15 Consumer Sale tomorrow. you can get these with vouchers, discounts and offers from merchants in Shopee. I'll let you in on some of them.

Glucerna Choco has bundles of two for only Php 560. That's a lot cheaper than its original price, plus you're going to be in good sugar levels (I'm a diabetic lol) so get them here https://shp.ee/q4ahf6bhttps://shp.ee/q4ah

True Vision Glass and Metal TV Stand Rack - Because Mom wants to replace the TV cabinet we have that doesn't go with the home interior, this would be a good thing to have for our huge TV. The glass is tempered so it's pretty tough. Here's where you can get it here https://shp.ee/pw5wyab

Gaming Chair from Amaia Furniture - Since I broke my office chair, I was thinking of getting this one but I might change the wheels so it could be a lot tougher. It's not that expensive so I might consider having it this sale. Get it here https://shp.ee/r6cum7b

Soda Machine Carbonator - Of all things that might be of a splurge, this I think is one thing I deserve. A little expensive, yes, but since there's vouchers and free shipping with Shoppe, it'll be something I look forward to have. I have a problem with water ingestion, sometimes I don't like having it because it's too plain. Putting in a little fizz might do the trick, plus imagine the things you can do with fruit juices that are healthy. You can get it here! https://shp.ee/2gnh6eb

So, what's in your cart today? Are you ready for the 3.15 sale that's happening in a few hours? I know I am :)






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