Dream Beach Properties at Hamilo Coast

Saturday, March 12, 2022

It's been a stressful few years for all of us in the Philippines but the real estate market have been relentless especially in sustainable communities like Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas. The place has a lovely white sand beach, luscious landscapes and country club amenities that would be a dream to have at this time and age. Thing is, it's accessible as it only takes an hour and 30 minutes away to get there from Metro Manila.

Recently, Lamudi published an increase in acquisitions of beach homes back in 2020. It was even bigger compared to 2019 despite having health scares across the globe. Leechiu Properties Consultants Inc. on the other hand proved much of that data is true even in the luxury market, as people turned to getting into homes that are stress free, all during that time when lock-downs were prevalent. It makes total sense as people prefer to even work in these conditions, even banks became more lenient providing loans for this purpose and see it a good return of investment in a couple of years.

Aside from those who wanted and needed to move, investors have taken a nod in owning homes with picturesque views like the ones in Freia. The condo units there have mountain and sea views, anyone would dream to have. Aside from the resort like look and amenities, you're gaining quality properties that are managed by Costa Hel Hamilo, Inc. which is under successful SM Prime. It's safe, secure, very tropical in design courtesy of foreign partners and consultants that did a tremendous job to make this a paradise. If you would want to see the property or take interest in owning one, you may check hamilocoast.com or call their office at 79458000. Wish I'd take refuge there!


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