Samsung Launches A33 and A53 5G

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Just got off the much awaited GALAXY A event of Samsung. They launched A33 and A53 5G.

Incredible displays is the name of the game, having it more accessible for more consumers. It provides smooth videos, warmer light, with stereo speakers that makes sound rich, louder and better. It's also got brighter screens, less glare, so you can see even in brighter light conditions. Both phones have 4 cameras, produce high quality photos and videos. This is best for creators, with enhanced portrait modes and AI, easy to emphasize your subject prior to posting. It also captures smooth video, catches dynamic subjects with its VDIS technology.

The Night Mode is further improved, use AI to lessen noise and blur. It also has AI to identify objects that should be erased, using enhanced CPU, GPU, additional virtual RAM for various processes for your phone. It's got long lasting battery life, more power for the things you need to do. Add to that long list of features is its capability to be not bothered by water/getting wet.

The latest Galaxy A series pushes the limits of your imagination. Wide, Depth of Field, taking Portraits would be a cinch for the two phones. You can also edit before posting on your social channels. The Galaxy A33 and A53 5G will have AI employed on cameras, optimal light absorption even as conditions change. You can also delete objects from a shot, play around with the photos, sync them even while you're working on the file so you don't lose what you share... while maintaining control over it through sharing files. The Galaxy open system brings you closer, keeps you connected with Galaxy technology. The 5G connection also gives you faster upload and download rates, keeps you productive. The same goes with Galaxy buds that give you auto switch between devices, easy to share audio too with friends. Buds Together also make you listen to the same audio so you don't have the share the same pair. The A53 and A33 is water and dust resistant (IP67), also convenient to travel light as Samsung Wallet comes integrated. The battery lasts almost 2 days so you have convenience without having to charge. The buds can also be detected through apps, so if you lost it you'll get it and have it beep. Privacy is also on top, with the dashboard, it will show everything that uses data. Powerful tech that lasts.

Prime software and hardware, all in Samsung. Wouldn't that make you want one? Pre-order starts tomorrow (and with promo might throw in Galaxy Buds Live with it) so go ahead and reward yourself by proceeding to Samsung stores and authorized seller partners nationwide. The A53 will be available by April 1st 449 Euros (around 26K Php), while the A33 on April 22nd for 369 Euros (22K Php).


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