LENOVO Outs YOGA 9i : Designed for Professionals

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The need for hardware that can do many things is at a huge demand. Folks at Lenovo got us to take an in depth look at their newest YOGA 9i specifically built for professionals that would want to also be entertained by watching movies, play a few games, and do hard work when they need to.
Joey Nocom Consumer Business Lead for Lenovo Philippines says "We're excited to let you know about the new device we're launching today. People have adapted in a lifestyle for work and play, we aim to inspire to keep on going, to push boundaries, this shapes and explore more... the Lenovo 9i."

JB Aquino Lenovo's Consumer Product Manager says "We push boundaries in product design, brining in innovation in our devices. With the Lenovo Gen7 series, we have comfort edge design, smaller bezels, compact without compromising quality. It's aluminum, very pleasing to the eyes using 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake and AMD Ryzen 6000 series, a significant jump in performance. YOGA Gen7 Lineup has smart features including FHD IR Cameras that Flip to Start or use Smart Login, a fast way to turn it on so you can work fast. We also have Adaptive Light sensor, which auto adjusts keyboard backlighting and help you keep track of your work. We also included smart entertainment feature that utilize the IR Camera, smart voice so you can wake your computer up or search even without typing. It also eliminates background noise, so you won't have distractions in a meeting. Yoga laptops optimize battery life, so your device performs smarter, have the battery last longer and remain productive. It also remains versatile as it transforms, and still is colorful but very relaxing to the eyes.The Lenovo PureSight Display has over 2.5K resolution, full view, accurate true to life color and low blue light."

He adds "The YOGA 9i has a very glossy rounded edge which you can use as a tablet or laptop, edge to edge keyboard, OLED Display, bigger battery life of over 14 hours. We have also worked with Bowers & Wilkins for the rotating soundbar, so you get more bass and detail, really makes consuming entertainment easier. It's also got macro keys so functions can be done with one press of a button, more touchpad area (45% large than its predecessors), slimmer and more compact. It has the best audio system in any YOGA model we've had yet and runs on Windows 11. The tablet also has multi finger gestures, easy to take out windows on the screen, and will include a precision pen so users can use note taking apps, drawing and more. It also has voice typing, voice commands, we're excited for you to try it out yourselves! It's Intel Iris Xe Graphics, 12th Gen Intel Cor i7-1260P, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 75Wh battery, 12 inch 2.8K WQHD, tons of useful ports, 3 year premium care warranty if you accidentally damage it. It costs Php 109,995 in the Philippines."

Albeit being marketed for professionals, it seems to be a lot attractive too as an investment especially for those who are studying or about to graduate. They also have a 3 year warranty on top of the existing usual one that covers accidental mishaps you may have with the device, that's really re-assuring to have especially if you're a little clumsy at work or at home. If you want to know more, visit their official website of the Lenovo Philippines Facebook page.


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