Mariane Osabel and Vilmark Viray Sign with GMA Music

Thursday, March 03, 2022

The promising acts and voices from The CLASH 2021 just recently signed with GMA Music. Mariane Osabel and Villmark Viray

She says "I can finally say that I'm part of GMA Music, I am so blessed and thankful for the trust they gave me. In my previous interviews I always told reporters about my wish of singing with Ms Lani Misalucha. My first viral song on YouTube was actually her song, I did hope that she was able to watch it and later on, I was able to sing with her together with the other The Clash hopefuls. I'm glad that in competitions, even if people didn't win, they are still getting opportunities. I'm dedicating this all to God, my family, my supporters. They've been there when I was just beginning and I'm glad that they're still doing it til now. I needed their motivation all these years, my success is something that I dedicate to them. When I joined The Clash, I was just starting at work because I just recently graduated. It's life changing to win the competition, and the projects and opportunities that I got are tremendous. I bought my own cellphone because they know my phone was broken during The Clash as it had a broken screen and I was still carrying it around normally. I know this isn't going to be easy but I hope I am going to be able to pursue my dreams now that I've won the Clash."

Villmark Viray says "I am so overwhelmed doing this, I didn't expect it. I'm an engineer and was working fulltime, and I think God gave me this chance to be part of GMA Music. My dream collab is still with Julie Anne San Jose. Aside from her talent, she was genuine as a Clash Master, and I hope I get to still work with her. I am thankful to God and my family, when I tape episodes in GMA they always were there including my supporters. They even send me food at home and I'm really thankful for what I'm achieving now and in the next few years. Honestly, signing with them wasn't in my plans but in just one snap God changed my plans and I'm excited to produce songs and hopefully release singles soon. I plan to save for my future, I might end up quitting work or purchase something from my savings. I'm excited to have gigs not just in other parts of the country but worldwide."

Here's a part of our interview with them this afternoon:


Villmark is actually an Electrical Engineer and Mariane was starting at work since she just recently graduated. Because they signed with GMA Music, this might be the start of something big for the two. They will surely be successful as they are very talented individuals. Can't wait to see them in their respective concerts soon!


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