PHINMA Properties Launch Maayo San Jose Site

Monday, March 28, 2022

Looks like the good people from PHINMA Properties really found something promising about their latest residential undertaking at the province of Batangas called "PHINMA Maayo San Jose". In a grand ceremony a few days ago, they held an event showcasing what the place can offer including tourist spots, destinations, historical landmarks, and culture the province could offer for families that would like to make this location their home for Batanguenos, Filipinos or those abroad. Albeit online, they showed us what we would be missing if we chose to live in this district. It was attended by PHINMA Properties President and CEO Raphael B. Felix, VP for Business Development Rogelio M. Garcia, their VP for Project Management Franciz Z. Villegas, CDCC President and CEO Cris M. Igelsias and executives.

They also held a house tour courtesy of Julia Rivera from Presello. She talked and took everyone to look at "Rosario" which is a 2 floor townhouse at PHINMA Maayo San Jose. They have three different models which one could choose, and by the looks of it, it's fit for those who would want to start a family. It's basically a modern Filipino home, designed with huge storage cabinets, a working kitchen, some really nice finishing on the built-ins and interior. They have wide windows, a lot of light coming from outside and proper ventilation, if you saw it, you would want to live there.
The outdoor area and amenities makes this a cool place to hangout, celebrate life's precious moments and workout. If you prefer a more intimate setting, they've got indoor facilities, function rooms so you don't even have to go out of town to have fun. They also have their rain water collection system and solar panels to make sure they are environmentally adept for living. This is a safe, dreamy location that puts sustainability at the forefront while building a community. If you want to know more about the property, visit their site today.


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