Kinetix Lab Opens UP Town Center Branch

Friday, March 11, 2022

Folks over at Katipunan and nearby Commonwealth areas should be rejoicing as there's a new fitness center catered to strengthening your body, mind and heart. It's called Kinetix Lab located at the UP Town Center. Honestly, the community needs one in that place and with this opening its doors, there's hope it'll benefit a lot of people in Quezon City.

Coach Marlon Lugue of Kinetix Lab says "Having physical, mental and emotional strength is the key to a more fulfilling life. This is what you will find in Kinetix Lab's newest branch in UP Town Center. Out goal is to bring out the stronger version of yourself. We want you to feel at home no matter how many days you've spent working out. We'll help and support you to achieve your goals together with our tight knit community. We have state of the art equipment, a fitness center that's accessible especially for those who are located in nearby areas. We've changed hundreds of lives and we continue to deliver our promise with passion, and heartfelt manner."

Kinetix Lab is a power lifting centric gym, but no matter what shape or form you start you will get to find your power together with health buffs, pros and help support each other. If this interests you, check out their YouTube channel over at and be part of their movement to get stronger days ahead!


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