Herlene Budol and Kit Thompson Fall in Love in Puregold Channel's "Ang Babae Sa Likod ng Face Mask"

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

ooks like Puregold is making another series on the Puregold Channel and we got to talk to the cast of "Ang Babae Sa Likod ng Face Mask". It's a romantic comedy series starring Harlene Hipon Budol and Kit Thompson. Together with them are Mickey Ferriols, VJ Mendoza, Hasna Cabral and villain Kiray Celis. Their first salvo was all about debt called GV Boys and it was a huge success, following up with a new story is certainly a lot exciting.

Ms. Ivy Piedad of Puregold says "It's surprising to see Puregold to have a new series, but during the pandemic we shared the sentiments of our customers because everyone was afraid to go out. We developed fun shows to get them entertained, give prizes, treating the public differently. Inside Puregold stores we lowered prices, but in YouTube we increased our audience simply because we want to connect combined with modern retail. In this new series, we hopefully warm your hearts, make them flutter, thank you to our cast, director and production who you will get to know more today. Thank you!"

Film maker, Producer and Director Chris Cahilig says "I'm excited to share the trailer later, this project has been in the works for quite a while now."

Director Victor Villanueva says "When this was presented to my by Direk Chris, I got interested because it's a guessing game with the characters. It adds a layer of mystery, with face masks, we all wanted to see who is behind it when we see people. We all want to give and receive love, Malta played by Herlene Budol, would fall in love in this good vibes series. I hope a lot of people enjoy it. The cast has always been so good so I want to see how it turns out when you've got this combination. It's light hearted, sweet, and thanks to Puregold for taking the initiative to have this uploaded online so people can enjoy. It encourages change, and them investing in stories is a good thing."

Herlene says "I am so happy because this is the first time I'm in a starring role. I didn't expect it to be this good, I really relate to the character because I'm not that fresh and use my mask often, I know a lot of people can relate. It's a bonus that my partner here is good looking, our closeup shots felt so good.This show is perfect for me, it really did bring out my confidence. When you're with people who support you, it's easy to do adlibs, do acting stints, memorizing scripts isn't really my forte but I really did tell them before hand. They helped me a lot."

Kit Thompson says "While watching the trailer, I got a little teary eyed. It's so fresh to see this, thanks to our director and producer, this looks so good on screen. Thanks to Puregold for making wonderful content. This is just a taste of what's to be seen, so imagine the whole series."

Kiray says "I like the color grading, the acting, the music, it gave the mood of the show. Their pairing here is phenomenal, and this shoot shows how people fall in love in this day and age where we would need to express ourselves even with just the eyes. This feeling is true during this pandemic. Actually this character is just me really. When you see them, "

Hasna says "It's endearing to see the trailer, they really look good on screen and our outfits really matched the story. I personally see how they look at each other, it's about magic, family, friendship, the definition of beauty and self worth. The work is collaborative, but when they throw lines, it is effective."

VJ Mendoza says "I didn't doubt that this will be a good story because when we were talking about it, it felt like a KDrama, and for sure, the youth will like this a lot. From color grading, the music, I am so proud to see this be made. I am so excited, this will be a riot!"

This will be 13 episodes and will run around 20 minute each. It's going to be worth your time so make sure you're subscribed to the Puregold Channel huh! Oh and Herlene divulged how she will be competing in beauty pageants soon. This is a way to connect with Puregold's patrons, to entertain them when they need it most.

Congratulations to Puregold and the Puregold Channel! You guys are doing good!


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