Celebrating International Women's Month with TaskUs

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Just got off the International Women's Month event of TaskUs. I could have entitled this artilcle "of TaskUs", but I felt I was part of the celebrations hence the change. I felt I was talking among peers rather than guests.

Their thrust this month is "Breaking the Bias", Ms. Victoria Alchachupas the Division VP of Integrated Marketing at TaskUs says "We need to admit that there is bias, I'm proud to be part of an organization that is part of the solution. We focus on talent and skills, the more diverse, the better. 49 percent of leaders at TaskUs are women, and our commitment to provide the best employee experience makes us ridiculously different. It's a conscious balance in internal promotion and hiring to do that, we look at the capabilities and background regardless of gender."

Vina Paglicawan the Director for Wellness at TaskUs says "Working Filipinas are burnt out with intensified challenges brought by the pandemic. We saw the same happen with mothers, balancing work and home responsibilities. TaskUs has been relentless in providing tools and support to create healhty workplace for its employees so as to improve any feelings of stress, anxiety or burnout. Currently, the company has Employee Assistance Programs, 100+ Mental Health Professionals, Outreach Activities, did flexible parenting workshops, and put up a Solo Parents Group. Our employees always have a high satisfaction rating, 94% and they appreciate, acknowledge that they are being taken cared of."

Regina Aguila says "Women think they have fewer career advancement opportunities than men, organizations need to proactively support their employees growth. TaskUs has been pro women, pro family and inclusive for all. We have scholarship programs, expanded maternity leaves, 24 leaves policy including a birthday leave, HMO, on site day care and lactation rooms. TaskUS advocates recognizing top talents, have internal job promotion opportunities, tuition fee and professional development programs, employee resource groups, bias detection and allyship leadership training, everyone is allowed to speak up."  

Hearing that from the people at TaskUs felt sincere, it felt good hearing that they've not been discriminated by their gender, role or ethnicity. They also have seen opportunities of advocating for others, women, coach them, make them aware about not taking biases. Their goal is equality, and it is evident that they are doing good. Hope this gets replicated elsewhere. It is their culture to be inclusive, encourage everyone to participate and I think that's a good thing.


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