MAYMAY ENTRATA Spends Quality Time with Fans at MEGANdang Buhay Event

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

A hopeful woman with a keen, positive outlook in life... we saw Maymay Entrata during an event hosted by MEGAN Beauty Products. I remember when she was tapped as the brand's endorser and how she was so happy to have been able to share how it has been a beautiful addition to the brands that believe in her and today, was a testimony of that.

This is a virtual meet and greet dedicated Maymay's stern supporters, her most loyal fans and the media. During the event, her whole Megan Beauty family came and supported her as they prepared activities and games to break the ice. The brand was certainly there to support Maymay's career and MEGAN knows a lot of people have been inspired by her story. Albeit facing a lot of issues this past, she has been able to accomplish a lot despite the challenges thrown to her, and the brand sees it as something to celebrate with. This is Maymay's MEGANdang Buhay and they hope we could learn a thing or two during various segments of the event, the jokes in between and the much awaited question and answer portion where Maymay shared a lot of things to her supporters. Here's a part of that talk where they got to ask her tough questions.  

Maymay also shares "I've been planning to study abroad for the longest time even when I wasn't working in the industry. It happened already, which is why I am so happy. This whole February has been so amazing. I am overjoyed that I got to be with the one I love, and also, a lot of people in my family are celebrating their birthdays and I got to celebrate with them. I am also ecstatic that we have an addition to the family when my cousin gave birth a few days ago, this month is full of blessings and I can't thank the one above for that!" 

Being with MEGAN has also given her a needed boost of confidence, they believed in her, she says "It hasn't been easy to become confident about myself. MEGAN has become my family, a reason why I believe in my own true beauty. They believe in me, they were the first ones to do that when I was just starting. Thank you MEGAN for that!"

Maymay started endorsing MEGAN Beauty products in 2018 and has been really using popular MEGAN Peel-Off Masks, MEGAN Face Sheet (which I personally use too after putting in the fridge for an hour or two), MEGAN Nose Pore Strips (to remove unwanted skin impurities in the nose area), MEGAN Facial and Body Wax Kits (for keeping it tidy, clean and hair free), MEGAN Eye Gel Patch (for those puffy moments) and the MEGAN Clay Masks.

The President of MEGAN Beauty Lawrence Lee quips "We cannot express how thankful we are for the support we're getting and our products. Having Maymay Entrata as our endorser was just natural, she's a proud Filipina. Like our brand, we want you to embrace who you are because we're here to take care of your skin." Maymay also reiterates "I hope you enjoy the few hours we've spent here together, although we're not doing this in a physical event, I hope you feel the need to follow your heart and find your happiness. Don't be afraid to take risks because at the end of the day, it'll be all worth it!"

As of this writing, her recently released single AMAKABOGERA has amassed 12.6 Million views which she didn't really expect. When she saw the lyrics for the first time, heard the track and saw the story board for it, she was overwhelmed that it exploded like this in just a few days. 
Cheers to more success of Maymay and the brand MEGAN as she continues her journey with them!


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