McJim: Local but World Class

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I’ve been watching McJim Leather lately and they’ve gone quite great lengths churning out new designs that would be perfect for the classy Filipino man. Just a few months ago they did an international shoot in Montreal Canada showcasing some of the best pieces they have in their collection from black and brown leather wallets, casual to classy leather belts with proud buckles, shoulder bags, cross body bags, gadget bags, full on leather ones that would impress anyone that would see it. They’ve honestly been paving the way in changing the way people see how local products quality should look like. By making sure they have control over what comes out of their factories, and have it not just follow but set a trend of making these local products superior, making them world class, a direction they have undertaken regardless of how much it would cost because now we’ve got some of the best, and Filipinos are enjoying it.

These items now have the ability to mature elegantly and last a long time. That means that even if there’s a small premium in price compared to local ones in the market, you get your moneys worth because it will end up lasting a bit more as they prioritize quality. I’ve personally bought the wallets and belts which they sell in leading department stores because of that. It has lasted me for years and if it weren’t for a change in season (and a lot more membership cards) I wouldn’t have felt the need to change one because style wise, classics would never go passe.

They are going further, they had the opportunity to create great things and they have achieved it. I wish there was a way all other brands would follow suit so when you hear something LOCAL it wouldn’t mean we’re compromising quality. McJim is world class, and they’re not afraid of showing it. Might as well, if you pass by a kiosk in deparment stores, take a real good look at it and see how they’ve changed over the years.

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KathNiel and Chard on the Last 2 Weeks of La Luna Sangre

When I heard news that the show will end in 2 weeks I felt a little sad because judging from the story, I think it could still go somewhere interesting from making their romance a little adventurous to putting them and their breed’s lives in danger. I have been watching this show for quite a while now but I’m still excited to see it every weekday, probably the same as with any fan of the show. If it ends the whole line of shows would also feel incomplete because the fantasy-action component not seen in other tv programs won’t be sufficient, we know how important that feels right? Anyway, I guess in a way I felt how hard it was to actually film the show because they had instances where they needed to film today so it would be shown the next day giving then little to no sleep. Honestly it’s not just the cast I’m worried with but the people behind the whole show, it just isn’t healthy and they felt that I guess. Still, I think this had brought a lot of things on the table and fans are still happy about the story, in a way I understand some of the naysayers when they’re not but I hope they are still happy they get to see them almost everyday on screen. We got to interview some of them the other day and I was so excited to see Richard Gutierrez, Daniel Padilla and gorgeous Kathryn Bernardo.

Richard says “As far as my character knows, we are siblings but if there would be changes we’ll know in the last few weeks. When I first started with La Luna Sangre, I thought about it, it was a risk. The risk I took paid off for myself and the audience. If ever I woud be offered something like this I’d do it in a heartbeat, I think it did spread what I have in the horizon. I just can’t reveal because the fights will be everyday, like the one you will watch later. It’ll be exciting. I don’t know what plans we have after this but I’m doing a movie with Star Cinema. I’ll just spend time with my family first then do that one with Angel and Angelica. It’s a tough act to follow, I know. I am thankful to the creative teams, they made my character evil but didn’t really make the fans angry against me. I’m also have my baby next month, so it’s good timing. If I were to choose the end of Sandrino, I hope people would get to understand him too even if he is that evil. I can’t even understand him sometimes because he always goes ballistic, so we’ll see.”

Daniel says “I know it’s stressful, we are close and for all those who have supported us from the beggining, I want to thank them all. We have action, drama, not easy because we don’t have time because it’s for airing. Fight scenes last night for example, it ended 2-4 in the morning. I already have Vampire blood, the evil just creeped in after everything that happened. We love each other, unless it’s not there anymore we will fight for it. It’s a combination of my happiness, my family, a combination of everything. We don’t have a story con yet for the movie but we will talk about it after LLS and it is going to be a love story. I enjoyed Tristan when he wasn’t a vampire yet. It was fun and humbling to shoot in Quiapo, we have several fight instructors. I learned a lot from them. Kath doesn’t have powerful fight scenes and I feel it. ”

Kath says “Mixed emotions for me, it was really hard, lots of adjustments for Malia, but I like the relationships I’ve had because I will miss everyone that I’ve worked with. The staff, the director, I learned a lot after these 10 months. Hopefully, after LLS we will have a US Tour and after resting for 2 weeks we will have a movie with Direk Cathy.From Malia and Tristan, I learned love is powerful. The things we went through, even if they are evil, you can change it with love. There are challenges, but with DJ and I, we’re together. We are doing our jobs, our fans also give us purpose. It’s mu first time to do action scenes, first time to be a boy, first time to be extremely hands on and if you love the project you will be collaborative, we even ask to revise the script. We became more independent and our Directors know this is teamwork. I also have learned how to be a little tough, be warrior like, I hope I get that from her. If I have Daniel during the fight scenes, he helps me a lot because he corrects my forms. If I had something to change, it would be just to have MORE TIME because sometimes we could have done better but because it’s for airing later we need to put effects.”

They know they have a following and how the moonchasers also have contributed in making the show be a little in touch with the community. They are thankful how you all have followed the show these 10 months. It exists for a reason, and they are doing this for you. You have to know that.

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GMA Outs First Advocaserye “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka!”

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Love is happiness, love is dreamy, but what if you suddenly found out that you have HIV? Will that be the end of your relationship? Will that mean the end of your existence? What would be more painful than having it? What if you didn’t know how you got it? That’s exactly what this show will try to answer. This is “Hindi Ko Kayang Iwan Ka!”

To inspire, to make you understand what an HIV positive person would go through while living with the virus. I think this is but a noble thing to do now that the statistics shows how huge HIV incidents happen in the Philippines. This is what they call an “advocaserye” (a series about an advocacy) and it’s starred by Yasmien Kurdi, Mike Tan, Martin Del Rosario.

Milo Alto Paz the show’s Executive Producer says “It’s not your usual drama, the incidents are high and people should be aware to actually make this successful and we hope you create a lot of noise so people would know more about it.”

Martin del Rosario says “Supporting this advocacy will help a lot of people, and I hope you enjoy watching the show.”

Mike Tan adds “I hope you get something more out of the episode, we hope you can help us spread the word about the show because it’s an advocacy which GMA spearheads. It’s like a documentary and people would want to watch this, it will help them to understand it and know how to help.”

Yasmien Kurdi says “I am so nervous, but excited at the same time for you to see what we’ve done for the past few months. On February 26, please help us through social media and help us make this known through your blogs so people would be able to read about it and watch our show.”
We watched the first episode ahead of everyone this afternoon and it’s quite nice to actually see how it all started. You’ll also get to know how each individual character would get connected, as Mike Tan says fate has a lot to do with how people meet. It’s a very complicated story to tell because the topic alone means you have to explain things. You have to be patient, but be prepared also to get butterflies when Marco and Thea’s love story begins.
Ms. Gina Alajar (Marco’s Mom) and Jackie Rice (Eva is Marco’s Girlfriend) will be making the whole thing miserable. Watch out for instances where they’ll be slapping them around silly... because it will happen and the prejudice against HIV patients is real. Watch out for the show during GMA’s Afternoon Prime starting February 26.

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Elite Games Expo at SM Annex

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I have been an avid fan of mobile games since way back when. Mind you I used to join contests before when consoles were non existent and there was a multitude of arcade boxes in malls across the country. That to me felt like real gaming, but indeed times have changed. Games have gone ultimately handy, faster, better, and you don’t even have to be present... you can be anywhere in the world and enjoy it wherever and whenever you are.

I learned about the Elite Games Expo a couple days ago when one of my favorite games from Fincon, Hello Hero Epic Battle set an open invitation to all guardians to meet at the SM City North Edsa Annex. It was so much fun to see gamers, developers, and media people experience the games they've released first hand. I also saw some of the active people who plays the same game as I do, in a way I got to know the person behind the names while I stayed incognito. I did sign up my IGN because they were giving away diamonds to players who would do a few things on their facebook page and sign up at the event as well. It's a good day to get to know the people who decide on things for promoting it on ASEAN soil.

EGI Managing Director RA Reyes was flanked by GCA Director Richard Moon at the small luncheon and they said “We are working with schools and institutions now and we want to make sure we make relationships with them. Game, sound design, developers and graphic designers, it’s a very small chunk to what we actually want to happen. People in the academe have not been exposed to the industry. Fincon is working on creating content specifically for the Philippines and aside from this, they have done the Influencer party a couple of days ago which means they are eager to connect with the community. Pretty soon there will be more companies that will be at the southeast asian market which is huge. We might see some of them on E-Sports, currently the industry are divided as far as policies and I don’t have a personal opinion about it but we have to talk to parties and meet them half way (with the GAB ruling).”

Here's the video interview I did with some online and gaming media that afternoon.

So for those who love the games and want to experience the other titles they are promoting, they have individual Facebook pages dedicated to each game. Download it off the Google Play store and the App Store first and see if the gameplay fits you, like what Hello Hero actually fits me for years now.

As mentioned earlier by their executives, they will be having different legs across Southeast Asia and it will happen very soon. The updates will be seen on their channels so make sure you follow them if you haven't yet!

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GMA Records Outs Migo Adecer's "Suntok Sa Buwan"

Monday, February 19, 2018

Promising as promising could be, Migo Adecer is slowly creeping the star ladder. After winning Starstruck last 2015, he's been in a rollercoaster ride appearing in GMA's brightest shows, tons of TV and provincial guestings, plus another feather to his hat which we just heard today. The boy has charm, good looks, but have always regarded singiimg quite close to his heart. He's no stranger perfoming covers in appearances and I've personally seen him do pop songs, rnb, dance hits and enjoy it with his fans, I could tell how he wants it to happen. GMA Records recommended a song and he liked it a lot, and he wanted to make it a bit more personal so he's touched this a bit, done in Filipino, and that's where his new song "Suntok Sa Buwan" started... and we liked what we're hearing.

Migo says "I am taking my job seriously than when I first started, it’s a bit hard to actually learn Filipino and acting so I’m taking it as is because I have assignments while I’m working. I’m finally become one with my roots, when it was pitched to me I heard it and first thought it wouldn’t suit me. I was told I could add my personality, it was amazing when I first heard it after recording it. I pictured it singing like Ms. Kuh Ledesma, I wouldn’t want this to be half baked music and I’ll give it my best. Hearing people say it’s good and how it was a magical moment to do the rap part was actually good. I had 12-16 lessons in Australia, singing in my bedroom too and I always rapped, but professionally this is beta. I hope I’ll be able to do mid this year it would be a little more dark, I like my music that way. I’m 18 and I understand it a little more, maybe I can express who I am more. My management is well handling things and I am ready to take challenges thrown to me, I respect them and I’ll be doing, I have been with keeping it down low with my relationships too."

Here'a a bit of our conversation, and a sample of his singing. Enjoy!

If you want to hear it, it's now available on digital stores and streaming sites worldwide. This is under GMA Records. Make sure you say your piece on social media and tag him, he'll appreciate that!

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Kristoffer Martin Releases New Single

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kristoffer Martin and GMA Records just released his new single called Paulit Ulit and it is available in digital stores worldwide. Yes I know, it's long overdue and honestly, with the way it's performing now on the charts, he deserves it. As soon as it became available, it got in to the viral top 50 charts of a known digital platform and this artist, was just elated. He told us how this single started.
Kris says “This composition is from GMA Records, it talks about loving someone and doing it over and over. It is overwhelming, I have been doing it in the past and I only had one single before this. The choice was made by me and as heard from my closest friends, they liked it because it resonates, it feels like puppy love, and it is super LSS so that’s good news. As far as genre and music is concerned, I don’t have one yet because it’s my first time to do this. I hope I could write and release singles of my own. I love OPM but I’m still looking for what I would do in the next few songs. I’ll try doing some songs with Mikoy Morales, hopefully OPM pop songs. I don’t know why it’s just now that I’m starting to sing more but I’m liking it. I am so happy that it is now part of Fight For My Way OST for the tagalized version. I would probably have something like Zayn Malik, The Weekend, of course I would like my hits to be on top of charts but I would appreciate it more if the people like it. I’d rate myself a 5 as a singer, I am just doing this to enjoy and feel good. The music video will probably come out this month. I was so happy to hear it be part of the top 50 viral songs on Spotify and hearing people say how many times they repeat it, is so good to hear. Oh finally I am also so happy to see San Beda to finally be a university. I am also looking forward to more shows soon, it’s still in the works so please let wait for my future projects.
Here's a little sample of that song, pardon him as he was a bit under the weather when we interviewed him.

For those who would want to download the track, it's at digital stores already. He's a very prolific actor, been in many shows and is still just starting to discover a lot of things he's good at. He hopes you get to listen to it, and still watch the shows he's in.

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FREENET Surprises Mall Goers on Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Are you single? Double? Triple? Group study? Joke! Well it’s Valentines day and during mall hours earlier today I got the chance to witness a bug surprise by FREENET from Voyager Innovations.
For those who don’t know, FREENET is an app which you can download in the App Store and Google Play so you can access selected websites and apps for FREE even without data on your phone. Well they felt generous that afternoon so they set out models to carry out long stem roses for ladies and chocolates for the men. This is just one of the things they do for the love month. Of course there’s more, they got RnB singer and crooner Michael Pangilinan to serenade mall goers, they got so kilig!

FREENET is accessible with Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers only, so if you would like to access apps, or websites for FREE, where else should you go no? Go ahead and register using your number, start browsing for FREE now!

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You’re going to #LoveSM this Valentines Day

They have a lot to offer and that is an understatement. A few weeks ago SM released a Valentines themed video to usher in the love month. It was made by Jason Magbanua, the best wedding videographer in my books, one that is internationally renowned. Aside from that, they’ve got a few events up their sleeve that they are going to make your experience in SM as a second home. You don’t have to go out, you can cook at home, make the things that matter be in the forefront of your Valentines day celebrations.

SM’s Senior VP for Marketing Jon Jon San Agustin says “According to the survey, the Filipinos are the 4th most romantic people in the world. Personally I celebrated my silver wedding anniversary. I was thinking how to do it differrently but ended up doing the usual stuff just reminiscing and celebrated our years, we’ve always dedicated cheesy songs and my wife loves it. I made a video and the whole world saw it, you can take the same things but do it in a different way. So for three decades, SM has been doing it year round. We are launching our valentines day in 67 malls arounnd the country to make more memories. Our romance filled activities on Date Deals, our Red Bazaar, the Love Beats, Valentines parties, and customer stories where top entries will get certificates. We invite everyone to come to the malls and make more lasting moments.

SM’s VP for Advertising Grace Magno says “We are coming up with our videos for Valentine’s day and it is directed by no other than THE Jason Magbanua. Heartbroken or not, this is about the different feelings of LOVE... because at SM Malls, Love is here.

Famed videographer Jason Magbanua says “I’m known for wedding videos, I eat sleep and breathe with it but when they approached me it was different, I do web branded content. I jumped at the opportunity. I always do one takes and captures in weddings but this one we can prepare until we get the perfect take. We had good talents, so it was equally easy. It was relateable, in a sense much like my videos. Even though you don’t know my brides and grooms, you suddenly feel it like you were part of the story and cry. It’s that same feeling we wanted to be in this story. I always ask people when they get wed on Feb 14 because prices of flowers skyrocket at this date. They do it and prepare ahead, this video shows the little things.

Have you seen the video? Head on to their facebook page and social media channels to see it.

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VIVO Year of the Dog Photo Contest Ends Today

My affinity for street photography spans years since I picked up a DSLR. For me it showed how people live their daily lives, you begin to appreciate architecture, life, culture even more the way you see things and it would make you see how passionate other people in the same hobby, like kindred spirits you take notice of the littlest things and showcase photography as an art form. These days you don’t have to be a magician as each person who holds a smartphone can do it, some even better than the usual and I completely understand why.

It’s the Year of the Earth Dog and what better way to celebrate it but by taking photos in the oldest Chinatown in the world called Binondo. This district has history, telling us how the Filipino Chinese ancestry started in the country and why it’s so colorful everytime the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

VIVO had us use their Vivo V7+ a few weeks ago and had us walk along the streets of Binondo. As you can see I have a lot of shots that actually worked. Here’s a short video of our photowalk that day!

The contest will end today and if you haven’t posted an entry yet, please do. You’ll get to have your own mural during the Chinese New Year celebration in Manila with your photo on display and even get yourself a new VIVO V7+. Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Make sure you follow the mechanics of the competition.

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Enrique Gil for Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Samsung actually released a teaser but now you know who’s going to be the newest endorser. If you want to see life in full color though, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is meant for you and who wouldn’t like a smartphone with a TV like display,a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a fun camera that can take nature like colors, deep contrasts, 8MP front cam, 5MP back cam with LED Flash, 2600 mAh battery, dual sim socket, and is available in Black and Gold. It only costs Php 7,490.

Now who else would be a better fit to actually be the one to show you this phone but Enrique Gil. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he’s now the newest endorser and will be with Samsung together with his real life sweetheart Liza Soberano. When he made the commercial, he laments they were very tired but totally had fun shooting it.

Now that Enrique is here, would there be a possibility that he will have a commercial with Liza? I bet! I wonder when that would happen? Stay tuned as Samsung Philippines think of ways how to make LizQuen a staple!

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Sin Island Showing on Valentines Day

Monday, February 12, 2018

Times have changed and so have the actors. Their goody two shoes characters are now doing sexy scenes, it’s a cycle and all emotions are on this film (as Direk Gino puts it). We spent the afternoon with the cast of Sin Island, a movie made and produced by Star Cinema. They’ve made similarly themed ones during Rossana Roces’ time but this time, Coleen, Xian and Nathalie will make your Valentines day a little hotter.

Xian says “It’s a sexy adult love story and it is new for people like me. The characters will undergo different things, it’s a different role, and I wanted to do this as my last project with Star Cinema. It’s very new and I had to ask a lot of questions. It felt uneasy at first and when Direk Gino were asking me to do things, he was there to guide us. It is a story of a marriage so there is a redeeming factor even if this is a little bit dark. I wanted to do as many roles as possible and I see my fans as very understandable, even if I need to take out the good boy, Kim and I talk about it but don’t meddle in each others affairs because as actors we have to reinvent ourselves. I consider it as my first very matured role, sexy in genre but I treat it like a different character. It really depends on the story, we are artists. At first when we did the workshop, it was different, I thought Coleen was not game but she’s a cool person. Nathalie had a lot of ideas, I guess barriers were down after a few days. I felt very excited doing this even if there are a lot of people watching in the shoot. I think too much, but Coleen is very relaxed, she was even eating spaghetti before we did the love scene. Nathalie didn’t talk too much and didn’t plan things, we just went along with it. People are no saints, have darksides, we let the bodies do the talking. Kim is busy and has work, but I invited her.”

I am Nathalie Hart because Princess Tinkerbell is just not good when you’re growing up. I didn’t want my own family to see Siphayo (where she won an award) but for me this one is a bit challenging, a very mental character where half of it is me and half of it’s not. When I did it, it was easier and didn’t have to cry. I like when they see that I could do other things too. Later I am doing another movie with Diether Ocampo and I think they love me. We want people to know about it and discover during the movie on how the story becomes complicated. I love how Star Cinema made the trailer because it doesn’t tell much about what will happen in the movie. I knew Xian had a relationship, I just needed to push and finish the love scenes and there are a lot of awkwardness, but working with different people means it’s a totally different story. It was working with Star Cinema, these artists, and the other projects they had for me that got me excited. This isn’t just sexy, it’s just a small part of it and mostly is proper acting. It was awkward to talk about it so I joke around and just do it. We have to look the part, to look at him and fall in love with him so our characters becone real.”

Coleen says “It’s my fourth time working with Gino so I am quite comfortable with her. Billy is super supportive, we support each other regardless, it just depends on the role and story and I’m game for anything. I just learned the value of fighting for love, it’s only now with the right person that I find it to be worth it. This is the sexiest movie I have been in and it’s the bravest, most daring and edgy movie. It’s very different, but Billy is excited to see the scenes I already told him. As a couple, it’s more with love, and that should show on the screen.”

Direk Gino adds “We had workshops before the film so I really had to know what makes them tick so I could find out who they are. In the love scenes I just had to make it light and comfotable for everyone. We did it for eight months, there were changes along the way and wanted it more daring. It was passed to management, very risky so we had to stop a few times. It was new but when they saw the rushes, they had time and confidence to push through. I am glad it’s uncut, it has R16 rating. I hope people watch Sin Island, it’s going to be very busy for us and we will have different screenings, partners and friends for screenings.

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Kinky Boots on March Run

I’m sure some of you haven’t seen KINKY BOOTS yet and the last time I wrote about it I warned you that you’ll miss half of your life. The musical is great, undeniably one of the best I’ve seen in a while and I’m betting half my shoe collection you’ll love this too. They’re getting a re-run this March 2-18, only 12 shows so this is a limited run. We had coffee with the cast this afternoon.

Nyoy excitedly tells us “There is less pressure now that we know it worked the first time. We now focus on small things, to improve. You don’t get to do this often, but in the rerun you can apply what you feel should make a difference. There’s this thing that you look at here, small things you won’t notice but you’ll feel it’s different, it brings as a different dimension. If we had a moment to share, we experience it because she’s there. The fact that we have done this before, you are conscious and add small details. I was scared to actually do it wrong, it’s not just acting because you represent a society that is under represented, I didn’t want to offend people up until I got to do it on stage and people saw it. I am friends with a lot of LGBT and I want to do it in the nicest way possible. It’s so easy to take it to a comical place but he doesn’t do that, there’s heart to Lola, not just a drag queen and make them human. If you don’t care and just do it, that’s where you lose the heart. You are sympathetic and emphatic, I just wanted it to be funny. Physically it’s hard, the rehearsal process took us there. Dancing, singing, we had to do it until it’s like second nature. Just getting as much information, material, because of schedule conflicts we are going to have new faces. Bibo Reyes, Nelsito Gomez, Mica Fajardo, Emeline Celis-Guinid, you’ll see more and people are hand picked and they pickup fast. You either pickup or get left behind because prior to it we rehearsed for a month. This time the new ones will rehearse it for 2 weeks. Sink or swim in Atlantis. For someone to do this with passion, you thrive and it will help you work anywhere. I am very proud of it, the message that it has and the heart that comes with it. It’s a nice message behind the spectacle, you will see it one way or another. It’s one of those things where you have to be there to feel it.

Nyoy’s wife Mikkie Bradshaw is also here and she laments “Working together is the best thing that happened, we go to work at the same time and we carpool. We enjoyed it, we go to dinner, we go home to see each other and don’t have to do much. He can be a little stubborn but there’s more good than that. We are just playing and we enjoy this together. When Sophie saw it, she was obsessed with the Angels and it’s her favorite. She’s also in Chittychittybangbang and she has valued this work because she’s around and she’s aware of the musical and she loved it. She says it’s nice to know you can be yourselves and she saw it on stage. We want our daughter to be a vessel of love and acceptance. I’m looking for my big solo, it’s one of those numbers where you can play around with it. It’s open for interpretation. The skills you learn in Atlantis can take you into any arena, a lot of credit will go to them.

One of the angels Ritz Beltran who is also the assistant choreographer says “Working is different but if you are doing what you love, you get to bond with artists, the production and even if it’s a first time, I love it. We didn’t have names for the characters or background but it was our assignment and we really talked about it and how Lola discovered us.”
Here’s a snippet of what happened earlier:

Again this is going to happen on March 2-18, and is under Atlantis Productions. Please watch it because it’s real good.

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Erich, Lovi and Tom for THE SIGNIFICANT OTHER

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I have always loved Erich since she started doing shows in ABSCBN. In a way I was rooting for her, both in her work, and her relationships. Like life, it all has ups and downs. She felt real for me, even if she unfollowed me on IG but I don’t mind anymore haha. She remained so nice to me whenever we meet, I’m a fan I admit, and I like what is happening. She worked hard for her body - and now is the opportune time to show it off.

We all like what we see.

In this film though, she’s not the one who gets pitied with because as much as you would want to feel for her character, she’s the other woman. Lovi on the other hand plays the wife, who in a nutshell focused more on her career than her marriage. I don’t see the reason why she should be cursed for that alone but there may have been reasons why Tom Rodriguez would philander. Would that even be justifiable?

Direk Joel Lamangan says “This is the story of a woman who fell in love, and how the significant other woman came into the picture. The title is there as it is what’s written, and we think it is integral to the movie. They are not contented, they are problematic, this storyline has been told so many tines but the only difference is... are these actresses who are the best in their generation. It exists and it happens. Working with Snooky, Dina, and Tom was obviously my favorite part. I just want to see them sincere in creating characters.

Dina Bonnevie says “I’m a doting mother, who still has care for their kids. A little well off but just like Snooky we’re just looking after our kids. I was so afraid of him in the past but he sets the bar with being real and faking it, he’s very frank but you’ll learn so much to tell me sometimes he doesn’t believe my acting, to be better than the last time. He’s a maestro.

Ms Snooky says “I learned a lot working with Direk Joel. It’s like I reached the pinnacle of being an actor, I just worry I will fail but he has been so kind with me. I really thank him on how he treats the crew, how important it is to the craft and how he treats everyone. I see so much of Lino Brocka in him. We had a scene with Ms Dina in the bathroom and you’ll love how that will unfold in the movie. It’s something you should look forward to, when I was in underage it was so hard to remove that thought now that we had to work and hurt each other. We had to really do it again because the first take was too soft for him.

Tom Rodriguez says “I play Dr Santillan and regards himself as the best in his field. Very confident and he gets to sleep with the top models in the industry. He gets his machismo, his confidence from doing these things that are wrong. I had so much fun working with Direk and I am trying not to get freaked out working with him.

Lovi says “I am a supermodel, wife to Tom. She chose her career over love so she didn’t have time for her husband. I started with Direk and I think he is just an actor’s director. Erich is someone I look up to and if you see her at work, I get to do good scenes because I get it from her. She’s real and very sincere and I am thankful that I got to do that with her.

Erich adds “She might be poor but is divided into playing this love game with his heart or mind. This is such an opportunity for me, this is also the first time I worked with actors from other networks. My rule number one is not to be number 2, and I think it’s the classy way to do even if you already want to hurt the other party. I love the chance to actually work with Lovi, we’re now good friends.

This film is produced by CINEKO Productions and Star Cinema. It will be out on theaters on February 21, see why it’s got 7 Million Views on Facebook, 9 Million on their music video, and see if this is your cup of tea.

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