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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hi guys! It's that time once again to tell you about the Electrolux Save and Share Blog Series. It's part of a big campaign to teach Moms and their families out there to save money and time of which we know is very important. Here, we get to interview their awesome endorsers Cheska Garcia - Kramer, my favorite Chef Bruce Lim, the pretty Chef Rosebud Benitez and Mommy Mundo's Janice Villanueva so they can tell us their secrets about how to use your time effectively, save a ton on electricity, utilities when at home. 

You see, I have a couple of relatives who have this habit of pooling their old clothes together and donating them to charity on a regular basis. Though I know a lot of organizations who would gladly find this useful, a couple of the items they had on hand were outgrown baby clothes. They got some pretty new ones because it was only used a few weeks since babies grew big over time, so they didn't know where to put it. I had the urge of asking Electrolux ambassadors Chef Rosebud Benitez and Cheska Diaz - Kramer about clothes segregation because they've probably done a lot. Here's what they have to say about it.

We asked Chef Rosebud and Cheska about their hardships in maintaining the process of donating organized. What are their challenges and do they see it as a great way to declutter?

Chef Rosebud says "I guess one thing that we have to think of when we donate clothes is if the clothes we'll be donating would be appropriate for other people to wear. For example, we shouldn't give away old gowns, trench coats, heavy sweaters just so we can remove them from our cabinets because obviously, they're not appropriate for other people to wear daily". I guess she's got a point there, we can't give away those fancy ones to the needy. Think about the people wearing it, keep it basic and functional so that when they do receive it they'll use it appropriately.

Cheska on the other hand pushes for the importance of knowing where your donation will go and implies the use of social media to at least get a glimpse of the situation. She says "At the time of social media where everybody is into it, you are able to see naman that there’s a list of people need. There are already the do’s and don’ts of donating. For a people who have lots of show clothes or party dresses what they do, because they know they can’t donate that, they have a garage sale. The money they make out of it they donate. They look for the proper avenue to donate that money. For those people who have emotional attachment to the things they give, I guess during calamity you are able to detach yourself from that emotional attachment to your things, right? And really look at what it can do to help out other people, that should be enough."

Then we asked them about segregating the clothes, Chef Rosebud simply said "It's important so that it'll be easier to give it to people we'll be donating to." Cheska reiterated "Just like what I said earlier, not everything in your closet can be donated. So for one, try to find out what are the things that are needed. Usually kasi, I’ve done kasi a lot of donations already even with my kids. So when I would set aside their clothes, I may sure they are not the costumes or the party clothes. Instead I make sure that it is what really needed, let’s say mga pantulog, blankets for babies because a lot of babies kasi usually, they only donate for children and adults. So what I would do is I would set aside one kit or like clothes for infants. Para to find out kasi usually they come up with things that could be donated. So know first know what they need and then from there, you can segregate what you can give from your closet. So number one thing is to be informed." With that alone, you can go a long way in making your sharing experience less toxic, easy and stress free.

If you want to know more about more ways and tips on saving and sharing, you may check out more of the Electrolux Save and Share Blog Series by visiting their Facebook page or follow @ElectroluxPH on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you Chef Rosebud Benitez and Ms. Cheska Garcia - Kramer for sharing your views and I hope this would really get to help a lot of people.



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