Ultimate Taste Test 2014 with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

Thursday, October 02, 2014

San Miguel Super Dry, Cerveza Negra and San Miguel Premium All Malt Beer

I've been able to cover the first and second Ultimate Taste Test and was kinda sad I didn't get to do the third one. The stars and the planets aligned this last weekend and got us to attend the greatest foodie event in Metro Manila, Rockwell's 4th Ultimate Taste Test 2014. It's where 50 of Manila's greatest home based food businesses and Power Plant's Restaurants converge. Participants become true blue food reviewers for a day to see who fares the best in this year's Ultimate Taste Test 2014. The hits will also be gladly paired with their favorite San Miguel Lifestyle Brews which I saw all over the venue that afternoon which includes even the desserts which I'll let you see in a bit. Let's start the ball rolling shall we?

Fisher Farms Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus
I liked the part where it's baked so it's not as oily as your regular Rellenong Bangus. The taste, it was good but it leaned more into the sour side which might be caused by uneven distribution of the ingredient on the slice that I got or, it might be just the way it is. I give credit to the thought of baking this thing rather than deep frying because it presents a more healthier alternative to an already healthy fish. We'll score this 3/5. 

Belly Bob's Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu paired with San Miguel Super Dry Beer
Belly Bob's Boneless Lechon Belly
Seeing the rolls of Boneless Lechon Belly on the display counter just made my mouth water. I thought it was going to be a hit already because it is after all lechon. The spice was good, the taste of the meat was good, but when I did take a bite on it I felt it wasn't "all that" good. It was a little upset because I had high hopes for it judging from the way it looked. It was good that this is the Ultimate Taste Test so I was with other foodies on the venue and when I asked about it, they had nothing but good things to say about the lechon belly. I got worried, so I went back to the Belly Bob's station and tried to taste it again. That's when I found out that I was tasting something off because the thing they served me the first time was cold. The hot one I got tasted differently and was a whole lot better. The air conditioning in the venue might have been the culprit. This thing should have a warning sign on it that it's best when eaten hot otherwise, they'll have a problem on the ratings later on. I'm giving this 4/5 on the premise that it's hot, when it's cold it would be like a 2. The beer made my life better as it's my favorite beer in the world. San Miguel Super Dry was perfect with the savory lechon, even more if it's ice cold!

Belly Bob's Sisig, just plain, nothing special
They also have Sisig, but it wasn't something to rave about. It was just okay. It's a 3/5. Order the lechon in SM MOA, SM Megamall and La Salle by calling 09276232464, 09173664595 or landline at 6504988.

Chili Asylum serves Home Made Chilis and Salsas
Loving San Miguel Super Dry! Also that bottle of pickled chili on the side!
Chili Asylum was in the front corner lot so they were getting a lot of food traffic. I love chili and salsas except if it has too much flatleaf parsley/cilantro. Theirs was really good. The chili was light and didn't have any signs of becoming too oily. The Watermelon salsa was fresh but I think if they didn't have the label on it you wouldn't notice that it is "watermelon". Dipping it into the nachos they had that day was really good, I could have this in any drinking session and still have some more. They are good for me, like 4/5, but they were not a hit to some of the people passing by which is weird. Call them at 09198181220 for orders.

Butchay's Spread The Love
I think they guy on the label was there at the time I passed by their counter. The cracker and spread thing wasn't the prettiest thing to look at but the concept is simple. The star of the show is the spread so the cracker was very much a blank canvas. What I loved about it is that it does taste like what it says on the label. Real ingredients, a bit pricey, but totally worth it. I tasted the Alugbati Spread and the Bicol Express. I super duper love the Bicol Express because it's a bit savory, you can taste the coconut cream and it's got a spicy kick. You don't feel cheated, at least I didn't. You can also pair it with the San Miguel Premium Malt Beer and have that flavor enhanced as it should. I'd give them a 4/5. Call them 09088878382 or follow them at @butchaysspreadthelove on Instagram.

Roast Chicken by Fork Play
Right beside the  Spread the Love booth was this Roast Chicken display by Fork Play. They sell packed and cooked meat products done this way. I love the chicken as is, but the moment they did put on their sauce/gravy which is also the drippings of the roasted chicken, it became so oily. I had to take it off when I went to the table and I must say, it wasn't only me who complained about it. Maybe if we did have a way, a different gravy, with less salt and oil would suffice. We're gonna have to give this a 3/5 because of that. Call 4142812/09274778172 if you want to order. They have no MSG and Preservatives on these products. We didn't see the the paired beer on this one though. Sad.

Nestea juice and tea drinks
Powdered Juice and Iced Tea variants from Nestea was impressive, especially the Pink one which is Pink Lemonade but what I tasted was guava. Really good. 4/5 for this one.

Spotted the Green Baker there too which I raved about a few months back. They're the addicting snack that's all vegetarian, all healthy but still indulgent. That sets them apart from other "just sweet" cookies in this UTT event because you won't have diabetes after your first or last bite. People need healthy alternatives and that's what they are offering. If you want to place orders contact Denise Viña at 09164504876, 09177102287 / Fax (632) 4333741 You can also email them at somade.orders@gmail.com. Follow their social media channels SomadFoods on Facebook, @thegreenbaker on Instagram, and @SoMadeBakeshop on Twitter. I'm giving them a 4/5. Tip: Get the Almond Ginger nibblers and the Mamonitos. Super good! They also paired it with Cervesa Negra which is sweet and woodsy among the beers that afternoon. You should try it!

Seafood Salad Maki
Crispy Pork Belly Con Chorizo Risotto Paella

This is Kulinarya Global Corporation's products. The first is the Seafood Salad Maki which I find really good. I thought it was going to be "just another maki" but it was fresh, the seaweed was crunchy and got a combination of really good flavors. It's not so fishy but you can taste almost an octopussy profile on these good bites. The other one is the Crispy Port Belly Con Chorizon Risottoe Paella. It made the thing not like Paella because the grains are soft. It's not like the Paella you usually see in restaurants and delved more on a creamy consistency. It tasted good but some might find this a bit overcooked since the grains were a little broken down when it was served to me on the plate. I'll have to rate them 4/5 on the Maki and 3/5 for the Paella. Call them at 8981738 to order, they've got a lot to choose from and even bragged the best roast beef in town.

Bhest Lasagna's Beef Lasagna

Anything paired with San Miguel Super Dry in my books is already a good one. This Beef lasagna though is VERY good. It's available in different sizes too so their pan sizes can feed from 2-20 people. It's got right consistency, cheesy and creamy, but don't have this cold. It's so good while it's piping hot and with the garlicky bread with it. This I can really recommend to my friends and family. You have to order and place 3 days in advanced, pickup or delivery. Call 09156126891/09255160729. I'll give them 4/5.

Buffy's Milk Products
I tasted Buffy's Pastillas de Leche and it was just okay. It wasn't sweet and as creamy as I imagined it to be but the Chocolate Milk, Fresh Milk and Strawberry Yogurt Drink was really good. They also don't add sugar on these things but it was already creamy in this form. I'd give 3/5 for the pastillas but super duper love the milk so that's 4/5. Cow's rule! They are distributed by Bradberyx, call them at 09053824960 and 09228907867 or email them at buffysmarketing@gmail.com or follow @buffysmilk in all social media channels. I would vouch for the fresh milk. Believe me, it's good!

Hacienda Macalauan Inc.'s 3 Cows Mixed Berries and Green Apple Yoghurt Drink
This one was really good. I'd give them a 4/5. I got a little irked though because the lady was giving me a carton of this when I was just asking for a small taste. It was really good. I should know, I'm KUMAGCOW. :) The Mixed Berries was better than the green apple variant. It's also watery so it is intended as a drink. I wish this organic wonder was available in local stores commercially because it's really good. They didn't have a brochure though so I don't know their contact details. They have a facebook page though that has it all, you might as well visit them at https://www.facebook.com/haciendamacalauaninc. 

Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 in Rockwell was just made simply more good with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews on the helm. Pairing beer with food has already been a norm in other countries so why shouldn't we right? I love San Miguel Super Dry the best and there hasn't been a beer on my fridge other than that. Thank you so much for the experience to be in UTT this year. You guys rock!


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