Lovi Poe for Shake, Rattle and Roll XV - Flight666

Monday, October 13, 2014

The holidays are fast approaching and sure enough part of the celebrations would entail taking your kids to the cinemas because it's also the time where the Metro Manila Film Festival 2014 comes out with the best movies this side of the world. As they say, MMFF won't be complete unless there's a Shake, Rattle and Roll movie in it. This is their 15th installment and we were lucky to have been able to go to their shoot a couple of days ago in Pasay City. The episode named Flight666 stars a couple of people from different networks. The whole movie was shot entirely on a real life airplane, a first in the Philippines and it wasn't easy.

Now imagine a huge airplane, but still it's a cramped space to put in a film crew, a couple of stunt coordinators and scaffolding for holding the actors harness. Aside from that, there wasn't enough air conditioning on the center of the plane, plus they spent hours there just to get the shots. The business class section was their refuge since they had air conditioning + reclined seats there.

Lovi Poe
It's been a while since we've talked to Lovi. We asked her about her experience doing this film under Regal and she gave us a tell all. "It feels good to have been able to work with Direk Perci Intalan. It's my first time, I love it because we didn't have to do other locations and we're confined in this plane. It's kinda convenient, I got to also work with a lot of actors and we get along really well . I'm with Matteo Guidicelli, Bernard Palanca, John Lapus, Yael Yuzon, Arlene Mulach, Kiray, Nathalie Hart, Ryan Bang, Ria Garcia, IC Mendoza, Khalil Ramos, Daniel Matsunaga, Kim Atienza, Betong and Bentong and a lot of other stars. It's a good thing and I'm really happy to at least get to work with other people from other network, I get to meet new people. When they gave me the script, I took it already. That was a long time ago. Working with Matteo, he's cool and funny. There's a love angle between me and him plus we get along really well. There's no awkwardness, a little shy at first but we are all relaxed. It's not hard for me to work here because I find it less stressful. I'm happy I got to be here with a stellar cast.

The story here is mostly focused with my relationship with him since we're ex's. We have a lot of things in the story that would be interesting, the battle between creatures, the battle with the people I'm with in the airplane. You'll try and find which actually is harder or what you need to deal with. Karen's character would be shown in different angles at the same time, that's how Director Perci Intalan works. I find Kiray in this movie really funny, she's the life of the set, even if we're working in the wee hours of the morning we still get to smile. We've been doing this since I was doing "Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real" so you can imagine how long we've been doing this. I didn't have that much stunts but it's cool that I get to do "Flight Stewardess" stuff. I got to do rescuing scenes since that's what they do. I love one scene in particular where almost all of us are here. The shot where the creatures would also come out is really good so I'm excited about it.

Lovi Poe also ventured into a new business, she's one of the owners of Cable Car in BGC. The place is doing good and she laments "We will have our grand opening soon, it's a good business venture and I love it. Before we would usually have to ask where we would hang out but now we just talk about time." She and buddy Rocco Nacino have been together for quite some time and these new things that they are trying out seem to be paying off. Rocco had been doing boxing promotions and she said "Yeah, he is and I love boxing. Although on this one, it's pretty hard seeing it live. Even if the Japanese guy was fighting, I was a little sad to see him getting beaten up like that live. It's different."

You know what, I love the fact that two of my favorite actors from GMA ended up together. I dig the things they share on Instagram too. I hope they would be able to do another project some day really soon. In the meantime, here she is inviting you to watch the movie!

Thank you for the short interview Lovi! Thank you also to Regal Films for letting us cover this shoot!

I'll be doing separate articles of the cast since they gave us a lot of material. Watch out for that real soon!

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