Frencheska Farr Holds Successful Concert

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Frencheska Farr in Concert at Teatrino Promenade
It was awesome. It was something she had really coming because Frencheska Farr is a damn fine lady with sheer talent and early bank-ability. Someone who could sing would've been already impressive but she did a couple of dance numbers that also did the same. This is something that she thought would be the perfect event for her fans and something that she could dedicate to her Mom who has been able to support her all these time.

Frencheska Farr and the Adlib Dancers

She did a couple of covers, the most popular and recent ones which really showed her vocal range. Teatrino Promenade was also the perfect place to have this since it's closer, more intimate which is what she wanted. I also saw rows of her fans screaming in front which says a lot how they adore her. She's done her deed, she deserves to be successful because she did really work hard for it.

Then after a few songs, she had to change outfits. Guess who came along and did a spectacular version of Bang bang!

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Then while Frencheska was changing clothes, Julie Anne San  Jose gave us a showing of how good she is in live performances. I remember during the time when I interviewed her during a karaoke night with bloggers, she was damn good.

She changed into this black and white number after thanking Julie Anne San Jose and gave us a few originals and songs from her album. The outfit was not form fitting, would have been great to see that on her. Still, she sounded really good and stayed quite on the safe lane on some songs... while on others she belted like there was no concerts tomorrow. She's not even in a contest but she seriously went out of her comfort zone.

Then up the audience side, Frencheska went out and grabbed a person from the audience. It was Christian Bautista in the flesh! It was a surprise for the audience. He was already carrying his microphone and went back to the stage to sing a duet with Frencheska. They were awesome! Really good singers need not that much fancy things. 

Christian Bautista swooned over the ladies and they reciprocated with screams of their own. He also sang a few covers, which we can't question anymore because he's an Asian heartthrob already. Thanks to the support of Frencheska's celebrity friends, they were all there to cheer her on in her first free concert arranged by GMA and GMA Artist Center.

Then Frencheska Farr came out again and sang a couple more songs plus a finale number. She also introduced the band, the performers so they can do a curtain call.

This concert was successful. It showed how much Frencheska Farr can go far in this industry and make an even better mark in the music industry. She can do this with the people who believe in her so she thanked each one of them when the show ended. She knows how much they want her to be successful and this gesture of putting up a concert for them was a simple thank you. 

We spotted Rocco Nacino that evening. Maybe the reason why he's not in "Hiram na Alaala" is because he's watching the show. Seriously, this guy was so nice to have been there to support Frencheska. I also saw Mark Herras in the crowd but couldn't take a decent photo because he was hounded by the fans.

Enzo Pineda was there too. Maybe this is his sister, I didn't check but I figured they almost have the same eyes. Maybe his new girl friend? Let's not speculate.

The show ended and Frencheska Farr went spend a few more minutes with her fans. They also did some group shots later on. After all, the show was done for these guys who have been there to support Frencheska.

Congratulations Frencheska! You did great on this "Let My Fire Out!" concert!


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