Matteo, IC, Bernard and Kuya Kim for SRR XV - Flight666

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

As part of our Shake Rattle and Roll XV Flight 666 series, we're going to continue the interview we had with the other stars. This time we're going to talk a little more about the plot and the men in this film. Meet IC Mendoza, Kuya Kim Atienza, Bernard Palanca and Matteo Guidicelli.

IC Mendoza, Bernard Palanca, Kuya Kim Atienza and Matteo Guidicelli
Kuya Kim starts by telling us that this flight will have some tragedies, because only a few of them will live. Aside from that, you have the trouble of fighting the hijacker played by Bernanrd Palanca, a bomb inside the plane and some creatures that you'll have to see in the movie. Matteo, IC and Bernard did their own stunts too.

Kim Atienza says "I don't really do movies but I got a call from Roselle and she said if I wanted to appear in a movie. I said if ever I want to do something in a movie I wanted something different. I've always played "Kuya Kim", so when I got to the story conference, this time they gave me the role of "Kuya Tim" the trivia master. Still wearing the khaki shorts, shirt and hat. I'm happy because Kuya Tim will be important in this film because of his knowledge of trivia, he will be sort of a hero and would be able to land the plane. I'm the one who saves most of them."

Bernard Palanca plays the role of Baron. As you may know, this was supposed to be played by Baron Geisler. "It's a blessing, there's going to be some hijacking and I'm doing it. He's not an evil guy but he's just a guy who used to work for the airline. He got fired, wanted revenge. so he tried to get in control of the plane. He didn't know there was something else out there. You guys have to see the film because his character is colorful." says Bernard.

IC Mendoza is going to be very fun in this one. He's playing a gay guy so we're laughing profusely because he just might be getting typecasted for the role. He says "I play the role of Adam, he's gay so it's very challenging, I hope I get to do it well. We just got bumped off the other flight and I'm good friends with Kiray's character. We're stalking a 2 piece band played by Khalil and Yael Yuzon. I was already in that point where I'm getting irritated with Kiray because she's still pushing we follow them even if we have already been bumped off other flights. It's an uglier plane and we waited for hours and I found out there's a hijacker and other forces on this flight, plus a bomb, so imagine how frustrated I was playing a gay guy in this film" he jokes.

Matteo Guidicelli plays the role of Dave. He says "He's a doctor, he's a failure in his job especially giving birth, failure in his marriage too. Fortunately he ends up in a crashing plane with Lovi Poe. She's actually my ex wife. There will be a lot of things happening in this plane. The hijacking alone is a big issue with bad boy Bernard Palanca playing it. The creatures will come out and surprise us. There's going to be more drama and other things happening because this is not just going to be a horror flick. There's going to be a bit of comedy. drama, especially with Bentong, Betong and Kiray. We'll be landing the plane too but a lot of people will die, some may live. So you must watch out for that. It's very nice to share a scene who has never done it before so Lovi is really good in sharing. There's a small love angle, we're ex's so that will come to play."

Some of them are SRR virgins. Bernard and Kuya Kim specifically. When they got the news, they were ecstatic. IC has already done 4 already. He's even won Best Child Actor in his first one. It was really a good thing to be also working with other people from other networks. Bernard says "I've worked with some of them but I haven't worked with Lovi. It was so nice because the chemistry was there. It's so light to work with Direk Perci because he explains it so well. The nice thing about it is we get to shoot inside a real plane. It's tight but it's so good there. We feel so lucky to be part of it."

The last episode in SRR is usually the grandest. They are taking that part. You'll see a ton of stars in a flick that will only run a good 30/45 minutes. It's a highly emotional film filled with terror, some with creatures, you'll be scared but still you'll be more scared because they are contained in a flight so you can't escape. If you want to see something like this in Metro Manila Film Festival, get ready because you're going to be in on something special.

Thank you to Regal Films for letting us get first dibs on this installment of Shake Rattle and Roll XV. Thank you also to these guys who are great interviewees! Wait for more of this film and their interviews right here on KUMAGCOW.COM!


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