Come to Sofitel Wine Days: Life is Magnifique!

Monday, October 27, 2014

I've been able to sit down and enjoy wine a few days ago at Sofitel Manila. It's a 5 star hotel and going here has always been a magnifique time for me, my friends and family. Sofitel's buffet destination Spiral has been the unprecedented number 1 dining destination and has been proven in various review sites internationally. Today, I'm sharing with you some scenes of the "Private Wine and Cheese Pairing" class I participated in last week. It involved a lot of introduction to wine, champagne, and what food or cheese products were needed to be paired with it. It started with the ceremonial champagne bottle opening using a saber, much like Napoleon would be doing it in his time. Check this video out!

Sofitel around the world is celebrating "Sofitel Wine Days" to pay homage to the harvest season. People from the wine regions in France are now taking time to celebrate their good year and with that happening, people in the Philippines should never be far behind. It's also Sofitel's 50th Anniversary so if that isn't enough reason to celebrate, I don't know what will.

Spiral was dreamy as usual and I sat down on one of their private rooms to wait for the others to come. I tried some of their D Light drinks through test tube sample servings, I loved the Berry mix and the peach flavored one.

This was the part where we started off getting a saber and the champagne bottles opened. Pretty neat right? Nikita Conwi of RX93.1 had fun doing this. Did you know Champagne only comes from the town in France? If it's not from France, it's just what they call Sparkling Wine :) This fact is part of the things I learned that evening.

To pair off with the really great wines like Jaboulet Aine, Castillero del Diablo (part of the many new world and old world wines) you should have this freshly seared Foie Gras in every dinner experience in Spiral.

The favorite that evening was the Woodbridge. The rosy wines are quite sweet and fresh, a favorite in the summer. Since we have summer all year long in the Philippines, we can have this all the time! Now that's good news. This is also their best seller, apart from the regular ones they have on the menu. Another discovery is the local Dragon Fruit wine which is very nice, it's on the menu so I suggest you try that out too.

Spiral's Cheese Room has never been equaled because of the variety that they have inside. They have Wine and Cheese pairing sessions so if you dig that instead of just wine, you can have that class instead. They have regional wine evenings that would give you in depth understanding of your favorite wine varieties and see how it came to be in the places they are from. They have a "From Grapes to Wine Expo" happening from October 26-31, 2014 with degustation from 5:30PM to 6PM. You can get 25% off on Hugel & Fils wines if you dine in Sofitel's Spiral and La Veranda. The "Private Wine and Cheese Class" happens at the Spiral L'epicerie (Cheese Room) from October 27-31, 2014 at 4:30PM to 5:30PM. They'll whisk you off to a journey in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Rhone Valley, Languedoc-Rousillon on those days and only costs Php 1500.00 per person. 

You can also opt for the Spiral Wine Cellar experience all October as Sofitel's sommeliers pick monthly and yearly packages tailored to your taste and budget. There's also "Jazz and Wine: An Austrian and French Affair on the 29th of October at 7PM. They'll be flying in Austria's Michaela Rabitsch and Robert Pawlik. I think the Austrian ambassador will be there as well so if you're up to a day of culture, this would be perfect. You'll see a concert, drink wine, Cheese and canapes prepared especially for the occasion. On the 30th, Le Bar will be hosting the Wine and Cheese Buffet with experts coming from different regions. They will also have a Burgundy Wine Dinner on the 31st, at 7PM featuring a 5 course French terroir dinner made by artisans in Sofitel Manila. They will be featuring wines from Champagne Henriot, Chablis Willam Fevre and Burgundy Bouchard Pere et Fils. It's time you treat yourself, your friends and family to something special. Make that Sofitel Manila moment by calling 8326988 or email because Life is Magnifique!


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