Annasandra's Secret (Ang Lihim ni Annasandra)

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Rochelle Pangilinan and Andrea Torres for Annasandra

You've probably seen the show by now and figured what happens when young girl Annasandra transforms into a warthog/boar/wild pig every time the sun sets. The beginning of the story was well explained and I lauded the director about the great job they did on the camera angles because for me, it was cinematic. They're proud to say, they've made their best effort to present the story clearly, precise so that when the time comes that the character grows up, everybody knows where they are coming from.

"Awok" is what they're called, and in normal terms it's also some form of "Aswang" but they coined the term from it's Cebuano equivalent. They did this so it stays away from the latter which has been somehow overused in Philippine cinema. When asked if there would be bloody or gory scenes, the Director Albert Langitan immediately replied the negative and said "love scenes". Hunky Mikael Daez and Pancho Magno is here so their presence alone makes it really conducive to showing some skin. It's intended not to be a horror flick but more of a drama which has been proven effective in the past projects of GMA like "Alakdana", "Kokak", "Pyra" and the likes. They are just making something along the lines type of drama and they've been researching about it for quite some time now. 

Rochelle Pangilinan

Rochelle isn't totally closing doors on the things that she's used to like dancing on GMA shows. She's been doing it for quite a number of years now and the thought of retiring from that is something that she's thinking about. You'll see a very good performance from her as Esmeralda in the series. Even on the first day, she has shown how she's been able to do justice on the mother "Awok" role. When her baby girl dies, she almost mimics a howling wolf if you've seen her on the first day. She was intense. Getting that feedback from us was something like a confirmation that she can do this and felt glad during the advanced screening of their show. She's also coming back to see Anassandra played by Andrea Torres when she's become of age. I feel there's going to be more things to look forward to aside from the story plot that we have seen especially the love angles that the guys are also going to be part of. 

Andrea Torres on the other hand looks stunning. She got really thinner than the last time I saw her. It's one of the preparations she did for the role. We didn't see her that much but we figured how she'll fit in on the story, also her role was done by a kid and she'll probably appear after a few days. Based on some of the clips in the series, she's really going to be a bit daring but nothing that people won't be appreciating for the afternoon prime slot it's in. I'm watching it now as I'm writing and it looks like we're going to be in an epic journey as she finds true love, or is it?

The show also stars Mikael Daez, Pancho Magno, Cris Villonco, Glydel Mercado, Emilio Garcia, Maria Isabel Lopez, Joyce Ann Burton, Arthur Solinap, Gabriel De Leon, Erika Padilla, and Mercedes Cabral. Be sure to watch it everyday right after Dading on GMA Afternoon Primetime.


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