Khalil, Yael, Kiray, Betong and Bentong for SRR XV - Flight666

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We're going to continue our Shake Rattle and Roll XV Flight 666 series with these interviews. We got Khalil Ramos, Yael Yuzon, Kiray, Betong and Bentong on this article. This episode is part of the Shake Rattle and Roll XV they are making for the Metro Manil Film Festival that will be shown this Christmas. Let's start!

Khalil Ramos
Khalil says "It's really overwhelming to be part of this movie. Growing up, I remember watching this every Christmas and now I'm part of it so it's so nice. This is my second MMFF movie, one of two that I did in the past. I play Gino and I'm part of a two man band with Yael of Sponge Cola who plays Ely in the film. I'm the one who holds the phone and camera inside the plane so it's like a Blair witch type of view when you watch it. You're filming everything on the plane so this is different. I think I'm my own cameraman. It's a flight movie but with a Pinoy twist so I'm sure everyone will find it fun. I watched SRR in the past, I remember Richard Gomez, Manilyn Reynes, the recent one with Kathryn. It's a big franchise and I'm happy to be part of it. It's really really nice. 

I'm still going around the Philippines singing, maybe next year we'll have another album. Now I'm concentrating making 3 movies. I'm also going to be part of Wansapanataym like a month series. With my co actors, they are amazing. I look forward seeing them everyday. I learn a lot from them acting wise. We love the small stories we do while we're on stand by. I'll be talking to Yael most of the time and he's got theater background so he's good. It's going to be sad, we watch movies, we'll miss the plane. We get to play here. I also got to know a lot of things from the aircraft. I'll also miss working with Lovi and IC since they're from different stations, I don't know if I'm going to have another chance to work with them soon, hopefully."

Khalil plays Gino on Shake Rattle and Roll XV

Kiray as her playful self in this film.
It was already fun when we started asking her questions. Kiray definitely had us laughing already. She said "The reason why I'm not following anyone on IG is because I feel like Beyonce. I follow a lot of people in Twitter and it's like redundant. Once when I followed Sam Milby everyone got crazy. I didn't want to feel that way but I just think you don't need me to follow you back if you want to follow me there, it's not a big deal. In this film, you won't know how I'll die or if I'll die. This is the biggest horror film this year and it's my first SRR. Last year I was in a different movie. This year, we are so close because we spend a ton of time in the business class section. This is very difficult especially the shots, because I feel we're really cramped for a location. We needed to be close in every shot so it's going to be really finite in getting angles and shots. Before we did it in studios, but this one is really good. I'm really used to good looking men, I'm like the baby here. 

I'm really crazy here so I keep it hyper every time we have a scene. I forget sometimes that I'm human because in every scene I had to make it funny. Especially Lovi because you can really make her laugh quite easily. We are so close that we talk about everything. We can sleep and roll around here because our other location is too far. I love it here. I already worked with Matteo in the past but we only met each other while in the poster shoot, this one is different because you are with them all day. It's so hard to be serious, it's fun and we forget that this is a horror flick. I've already seen the creatures and I hope we'll get to survive it. When I watched the trailer, I felt it was interesting. I think we're also the first film crew to shoot entirely in a plane. Filipinos are not satisfied with sets, we really had to shoot inside a plane because we know expectations are high. We always end up getting compared to US movies that always have budget for this, and this is no joke because it's expensive to shoot inside a plane. To rent it alone is a fortune so think of it."

Yael Yuzon, it's his dream to be in this Shake Rattle and Roll movie.
This is my first time to interview Yael. I haven't been able to even if I know some of his friends and seen him perform in concerts in the past. He's a rockstar but I find him very humble, grounded and no nonsense. He's one of the nicest chaps in the industry. He's not going into this film like an ostrich sticking his head to the ground because he's got experience in theater. He adds "I told Universal Records a long time ago that I want copies of Shake Rattle and Roll 1-7 but they had no files anymore. 

I dream of being part of this even before I went into a band. There was a time before when Jed Madela also got in, we're both fans of it. So this year I wanted to really be part of it. I'm a really big fan of horror films. The band's schedule and this don't really mix and you can see why. I play the role of Ely, a drummer, imagine how a two piece band would work and you'll see how crazy this looks. I'm a bit flaky... and it's interesting how I may or may not die. I also believe in the rules of horror films. I have a scene that would get be a bit banged up because I'll get to hit a wall with screws on it. It was an experience. 

I may have 7 lines but I read the whole script. It's because I want to understand the whole story. Karylle isn't surprised that I'm in this because she knows how I like these artsy kind of things. Her block mates are into this so she understands this process. It's part of my bucket list, I'm okay to just do this. I love horror to the point that even if I don't understand it it's okay. The Ana Roces and Manilyn Reynes series was tops for me, I can even compare it to "The Shining". I hope people will get to see this film with it's merits and also what the story entails. It's great fun for the family and I hope a lot of people would be able to see this come Christmas day. I hope they get to enjoy it as much as I do."

Bentong and Betong, Amazing!
Two people who have noticeably been confused by a lot of Filipinos because their screen names sound the same. Bentong and Betong found themselves working together on this film even if they come from two different networks. Betong says "This is one of my dreams, I couldn't imagine to be part of this since I watch the franchise. Now I'm part of it so WOW! I love Ana Roces, Manilyn and the other ones I watched a long time ago. Amazing! It's my first time, people call me Bentong but didn't have an opportunity to work with him before. We're father and son here so it's going to be crazy. We are english speaking from LA, Legazpi Albay. I'm some kind of a rapper, comic relief plus Kiray in the mix. We are going to be crazy. More so, the PBB Big Winner (Daniel Matsunaga) and I from Survivor also met here.

It's also nice to see this made. I watch Hollywood flicks like Snakes in the Plane but working with Direck Perci is just Wow. I watched Dimensia and he's going to have some shots here similar to that too so you have to watch here."

Bentong adds "We are so happy.that we got to work with each other. Thanks to Ryan Bang for giving way, we got this role. We have really good scenes here with Kuya Kim and Bernard Palanca. We thought we're going to be killed by him but some other entity did. I hope to get to have another project with Betong, hopefully in the near future. We have a scene outside the plane too so that's going to be something to look forward to. I hope we get to see this interview in your blogs soon because we don't usually do this." consider it done! :) 

They all hope you get to watch Shake Rattle and Roll XV come Christmas day. With the cast this large, you'll find your fix of funny, love and horror in one spot. Please check their channels below for more information on Regal Film's official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival! Watch out for my interview with Director Perci and Daniel Matsunaga in the coming days.


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