Janine Gutierrez and Elmo Magalona for More Than Words

Monday, October 27, 2014

Janine Gutierrez's Birthday Celebration at Centerstage Timog Avenue (Photo by Rain De Ocampo)
I wasn't able to attend this one because I was a tad late. I still remember the time I shot Janine on the runways of Bench a couple of years ago, she wasn't as visible then but she holds a lot of promise. She just celebrated her 25th birthday and I've seen how happy their fans were in social media knowing one thing that was announced on this day. Yes, Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez are now officially ON. They are boyfriend and girlfriend, something that their fans have long been waiting for.

Elmo Magalona and their fans surprised Janine with a birthday celebration! (Photo by Rain De Ocampo)
Elmo Magalona and the Janine-Elmo fans celebrated her birthday at Centerstage in Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Mind you, the fans did this event on their own, I guess that's how much they love these two. I've seen some of them during their other events and if you see them talking about Janine and Elmo, you wouldn't be surprised that they do these things for the pair.

Cakes and presents all prepared by Janine Gutierrez's fans! (Photo by Rain De Ocampo)

Elmo told me during an interview that they had the best fans. Sometimes they are almost too shy about the big things they do, but ultimately they are very thankful about the support and loyalty that they give them. They can't thank them enough. Now that they are also going to play Ikay and Hiro on their new soap "More than Words", they hope their fans sternly support them on that too. Janine plays a blogger who begins to write about her wishes for the perfect guy. This turns out to be mighty close to Elmo's character in the show. This is a light romantic comedy project so it is a bit different from the projects they had in the past. If you remember Villa Quintana, that was heavy drama, and they always get beaten up since the characters are undergoing family conflicts, the usual rich against the poor. This however is going to be somewhat hopeful, more of the fell good kind of love from Ikay and Hiro which you should definitely watch this coming November. Also in the show are Enzo Pineda, Mikoy Morales, Stephanie Sol, Coleen Perez, Mayton Eugenio, Jaclyn Jose, and the 80's love team Rey "PJ" Abellana and Leni Santos. For more information about the show, please do check out the social media channels below!


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