The 7-Eleven Hoodie Time Promo

Friday, October 10, 2014

Deena Santos of 7-Eleven Philippines
I had a wonderful time with 7-Eleven Philippines and a couple of bloggers over at Racks in Ortigas. That wonderful meet spelled the launch of 7-Eleven's newest promo called Hoodie Time. Since it's raining outside and the cold nights are becoming longer, their company is giving away these two limited edition hoodies that you won't find anywhere else but with the 24 hour convenience store that's been loved by Filipinos for over 40 years. It's been that long since they first put up their first one in the Philippines, and now you've seen how they've aggressively opened several more in almost every street corner where you are.  

How to get one? That's easy. You just have you use your 7-Eleven Official Every Day Rewards Card that's issued in all their branches nationwide to accumulate Hoodie Points aside from the regular reward points you've already been able to have these past few months. You can get these Hoodie Points by purchasing P1,000 pesos worth of Personal Care products listed here. There are a ton of them which are for men and women. Since this is very limited, you would be able to confirm your and get your exclusive jacket after a few days for processing. If you get one, you can brag about it because there are only a few people that would be able to get this one of a kind character designed hoodie or the black and gray hoodie. I've seen it in the flesh that evening and man I looked so cute in it!

This promo will only run from September 17 to October 28 which only means you have a few days to get those Hoodie Points in. 7-Eleven though is going to be keen on extending this, but just to make sure you don't run out of these cute hoodies, go right ahead and rush to the 7-Eleven stores and get the points before they end it. You might not see these collectibles ever again! Or will you next year?!

Trust me, this is too cute to miss!

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