2015 Feng Shui Updates from Marites Allen

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ms. Marites Allen, an international Feng Shui expert.
I've never met her in person. I think I've seen her once or twice on TV giving advice to one or more celebrities and telling them about their fortune for the coming year. She also gets to tell them if it's going to be good or bad during that same period. Honestly, I'm a skeptic. I don't believe much in mumbo jumbo. I went inside the hotel to practically see her saying hi to everyone coming in. We exchanged pleasantries, then I went in. I figured I could take time to listen and see how this fares later on.

Aside from her gorgeous green outfit, she was clad in various crystals, charms, jade rings and bracelets. She also had this multiple infinity pendant worn for prosperity. Now I know you must be skeptic too, but think about it. This thing has existed for centuries already, if there weren't any truth to it then it would have been gone a long time ago. They might be telling our fortunes and all but they always say that it's up to us to make our own fortune. This year in fact, she says will be auspicious one because she's seen almost all the elements represented in the destiny chart. It would have been unlucky for some, but she says they always have options. They've got charms to at least help those that would be in the same predicament to at least stay afloat with their life and personal journeys.

There are several books from "The World of Feng Shui" you can opt for if you want to be guided by Marites Allen which have also done the same thing for various celebrity clients around the world. Or you can always download it off Google Play or the App Store if you want a handy one you can look at on your smart phone.

It's easier, cleaner and you can read one designated for the day you wish to view. You don't have to show other people your real date of birth and spare the humiliation of them knowing your age. They also have a section for the Frigga collection which would hasten all those worries away because the symbols merely makes your fortune a tad better. They incorporate the design themselves on the scarfs, clothing, bags and accessories. We saw some prototypes during the event and they're planning to open up their first boutique come November. Check out The Frigga Charmed Life.

The Astrology Scarf
The Sheep Bangles. I wanted one for my Mom but I didn't get one.
Wealth Bag - Bag Holder, for those designer bags that should not be placed on the floor.
The Horse Bangles - I wanted one for myself but I didn't get one because I'm a guy LOL
Wealth Necklace - so the infinity symbol comes with coins here. I like the idea.
Frigga Tote Bag - this is a prototype but it basically has everything in it including the symbols and lucky charms you need
3 Coin Earrings - wouldn't it be a nice day to attract money?

This year she also says would be a great year to get married. She also adds that people should wear something green, red and blue so they can mimic wood, fire and water signs. I'm a horse and generally it looks like a great year for me. No matter what our sign is, it's not a big deal to actually enhance your luck with Feng Shui. It's harmless and what would we lose following a few things to get our lucky streaks right?

Thank you Ms. Marites Allen, I hope you can do me a personal reading of some sort. I might need it. :)


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