Philippine Delegates for 2014 Euro Pop Singing Contest in Berlin

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Chacha Cañete is one of five other singers that will vie for the Grand Prize at the Europop contest in Berlin.
Visited Sequoia Hotel over at Timog Avenue in Quezon City to see the 6 Filipinos vying for the Grand Prize at the Euro Pop Singing Contest "Berliner Perle" in Berlin, Germany. We saw several familiar faces and a couple of new ones under the production of Charie Vega. There was quite a long dialogue about government funding and support but they're pretty optimistic that they can achieve winning this with the sheer talent that Filipino singers have, and we got a taste of that.

They were amazing, they auditioned for this so they were really hand picked according to the organizers. They will battle in different age groups so Chacha Cañete and Natalie Martinez will battle with other countries on the 10-13 age division. Chacha was like a pro, I felt like she was already an adult and didn't have any hardships on belting, like she just woke up. Natalie was a little meek at first especially on the group performance but once that her turn arrived to perform a song from the Annie musical, we all felt our hair stood up. I wonder what her piece will be come the night of the competition. Gleenette Gaddi went a little church on us and she'll be battling the 14-17 Age Division. 

Then Ana Katrina Ramsey (grand daughter of Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey) went wild on her voice much like the rock and roll grandma she has. She's in a different class, she's got soul and might get Aunt Jaya a run for her money too. Gian Marla Gloria and Ana Katrina Ramsey will battle other hopefuls in the 18-24 Age Division so you'll have big voices and great performers showing Europeans how it's done in our side of the world. Meanwhile, they are also in the process of picking another one to be with Gleenette Gaddi's age range and prefer a male performer to have the last slot. It's going to make a difference on their first bid in the competition, which they say is going to be highly possible to win come November 27, 2014. We are also the first Asian country to be included in this competition so once that this happens, we have to make it a memorable one and pretty much win it even more than the WCOPA wherein we did very good.

Great singers and accomplished ones too, this is 5th Gen. The group composed of singers Raymond Sajor, Rhap Salazar, Marielle Mamaclay, Angela Aguilar and RJ Buena. They are the mentors of the Philippine delegates to the Euro Pop Singing Contest "Berliner Perle" in Berlin, Germany.
We also got to ask questions to new group 5th Gen who serves as mentors to the Philippine delegates to the Euro Pop Singing Contest and they told us the rigorous screening process that they did before finally choosing the delegates. They chose the one that can already handle it, those that can stand up against the best of the world. They didn't have to put that much effort because obviously we have bigger standards here at home, what's more advantageous is that they really look into the quality of voice rather than belting prowess which we're quite used to.

Vega Entertainment Productions under Charie Vega will be making arrangements for needed sponsors but implied they need more. If you want to help, check out their channels below or the "contact link" on their official website. They will win this, we just have to make sure they get there. The needed plane and hotel fares would be a bit heavy in the pocket but if they win, this won't be just something that they will benefit from but the whole country! This is for the Philippines!


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