SuperdryStore Opens in Central Square BGC

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

One of my favorite stores in the world, SUPERDRY!

I was one fortunate guy to have been able to work beside a Superdry store when I was still in the corporate world. If you only knew how much I held back on buying everything from that store, you would think I'm crazy. It's like when they thought of building this, they already knew what I want in my wardrobe, not to mention the bags... oh don't get me started!

Okay, so I cried myself to sleep not getting all the bags and shirts from this store. The good news is, they've built another SuperdryStore at the 2nd Floor of Central Square in Bonifacio Global City. I was like a kid in a candy store when they released their  Autumn-Winter 2014 collection. They concentrated on a more biker look for the female form and came out with paneled Biker Super Skinny Jeans and the Super Long Biker Jacket to go with it. For the men, they came out with their more classic yet edgy designs of SD Gym Equipment, Copper Label Goods, Copper Label Selvedge and the new OrangeDry Denim which had really good cuts.

Really good rubber printed shirts, glittered for the girls, plus that gym bag, bonnet and socks. See what I mean when I said want the bags?
I love the white reverse printed shirt and the usual embossed printed one on the bottom right. The knitted sweaters with different designs looks so cool.

These shirts, I wanted to take them all home. I like how they put in hard work in printing shirts like these, none of those cheap looking ones that have half meant rubberized prints on them.
The color choices are a plenty too!
Ladies, you won't run out of choices in Superdry because these shirts can go to the galaxies, pick up stars and glitters all over and put it on you with these pieces.

See the messenger bag on the back? The white one?  I want that T_T
The jeans they have are also something that I would regularly have in my closet. The weathered, rugged look just fits me well. I often even do that to my non rugged pants and adapt them style wise.
The rain won't be a problem with these jackets, it's even going to keep you sweating because of the material they used but they never sacrifice style if you see this!
They're great bag makers. Somehow, I felt they really take time choosing the bags they have on the store, like pre selecting them. It's a bit pricey but totally worth it.
I don't think these are the new ones on their collection, I think I've seen these on the other stores, but still they are classics. I want those moccasin looking boots on the bottom right. It looks comfy! 
If you see that Gray and Green colored bag on the back, there's a Black and Orange version of that. I obsessed with it in the Eastwood branch and had them keep it for me for a few months. It's a whole set, then when I couldn't find it on the display anymore, I panicked and rushed inside the store. I only bought one and left the two other bags and saved for it. It made me crazy haha!
There were a few men and women trying to secure this faux leather gym bag because it just looks so awesome. I wanted this myself but decided to pass on it. I still want it though, I day dream about it together with the other bags I want from their store.
DJ Callum David provided music for the venue. The store is really nice especially the small touches like this lighting fixtures made of mason jars. I wanted this for my own room but they didn't sell it ha!

The women's footwear that's got mettallic components and the men's boots in military style is also part of this collection but I didn't see them that evening. Even if that's the case, I dig this new A/W collection because of their attention to texture, detail and quality that's always present in any SUPERDRY product that's displayed on their store. I wish SSI and SUPERDRY all the best in this new store and wish they cater to more Filipinos that would love all their new designs, awesome colors and Japanese aestheticism for the upper class street wear loving people. The quality is legit, and I won't be leaving this brand for years. SUPERDRY is me. They can quote me on that. 


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