Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia in "Seasons of Love: My Soulmate, My Soulhate"

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid in this week's episode: Seasons of Love "My Soulmate, My Soulhate"

When GMA was thinking about what to put in this time slot, they didn't know they were brewing something really good. 4 weeks, stories that finish in 4 days, this is not your regular programming. When the clock strikes 6PM please tune in to GMA because you'll see Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia make you fall in love differently in this week's episode of "Seasons of Love" featuring their story "My Soulmate, My Soulhate". It's where Ruru aka Rusty and Gabbi aka Gracia find love in unexpected places and coincidences after switching places. Just think of Ruru being the girl, think of Gabbi being the guy, it's a little weird at first but when the heavens collide, that's where the magic happens.

I've met Ruru a number of times now but I've never had the chance to interview him like this. He was very nice and I get why ladies love him. Obviously he's got one of the nicest faces in GMA's stable, but not the type that you'll feel ugly when you are beside him. He's very accommodating and fun to talk to, he never hesitates to joke around though, more so if you have Gabbi around. They started teasing each other as soon as they got seated. Though you can see mutual attraction, I wonder how their love triangle would work out in this case when Ashley Ortega also has a lot of following. They laughed about it when Ruru said that's how long his hair is.

Ruru is really funny, his personality was much like his character in the Seasons of Love flick they were doing. His charm comes naturally and Director Gina Alajar knew he was portraying it correctly because he was acting like a girl and not a gay guy. The small nuances he had to learn was seen in My Soulmate, My Soulhate and you'll love the things he do to distinctly tell if he's Rusty or if he's doing Gracia. They'll also learn each others story and that's how they will learn to love more. I won't have to spoil the plot, but you'll love the reason why they will break up on the show. It'll surely melt your heart, you'll be a fan of Ruru and Gabbi if you're not one yet.

Gabbi Garcia as Rusty, effective!
Gabbie tried to learn about this first by watching "Freaky Friday" which was by Lindsay Lohan. She says "This isn't an easy role but we're happy that we're being accepted really good even on Twitter. Sometimes, it's even funny that I catch Ruru still do the girl role." Ruru adds "I even talked to my Dad like a girl because I got attached to the role". They couldn't believe that they have been trusted and blessed with the role and they were both shocked about how the public accepted the love team and the romance they exude especially while they did the "Paborito" segment in Sunday All Stars. We watched the whole show that evening in advanced and felt it was a little short, obviously we wanted more. Ruru also kept cracking us up because he got that playful character going. He said Gabbi got his number first and she said he followed her on Instagram, then she said Ruru did the visit to tents, then Ruru went back at her like he has evidences and screenshots about the sweet things she said to him, that cracked us up bigtime! They were like fighting kids, and honestly they really look good together. 

 They wanted to also maintain the love triangle going because for Ruru, they have a really good working relationship, they are both good. Then Gabbi said that you'll probably hear Ruru answer you with the Santol and Mango comparisons, but added that it's all up to the management. They are praying and wishing to have a project in the future because their chemistry is unquestionable. The Cosmic Transmogrification angle might be a bit hard to understand but what we saw on the show, is a proof that they can do it.

I asked them bluntly "If ever they had the chance, would Ruru want Gabbi to be his girlfriend and would Gabbi also want Ruru to be her boyfriend?". Gabbi said "So far Ruru is a very nice guy, he's very fun to be with, he's one of the few people that I see as an ideal guy." Ruru on the other hand said "Gab has everything I want to find in an ideal girlfriend, but there's one BIG problem, her last name is not Madrid!" and we felt like we were talking to Rusty again LOL!. Ruru really had a lot of things prepared huh? :)

"Gab is really very talented, I like how serious she is in with acting. That's one thing that I admire about her, I see how she still wants to learn a lot. That's one of the reasons why I love working with her, and that's one of the few unique things that I would love to have in a girlfriend." said Ruru.

You have to watch this and see how they would break up in the show. What caused it and how they were able to cry like that, you would see how excellent they are in the show. That part should be applauded, especially how they play opposite roles. They are also in "My Destiny" and visits "Sunday All Stars" every now and then. Now, there's more reason to love them both in "Seasons of Love: My Soulmate, My Soulhate" and the other episodes in the coming weeks. Remember, this will only run for 4 days per story (Monday to Thursday) , the next one is with Louise Delos Reyes, Mike Tan and Geoff Eigenmann shot entirely in Vigan.


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