Dennis Trillo, LJ Reyes and Director Mike Tuviera for The Janitor

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Director Mike Tuviera (center), Dennis Trillo and LJ Reyes for The Janitor

It's now out on theaters and this might be a little late already to post but here's a rundown of what happened during the blog conference of The Janitor. This is the same film that was shown in Cinemalaya's Director's showcase which stars hunky Dennis Trillo, LJ Reyes and a couple more people from ABSCBN and different networks. It's not usual that you see them in Star Cinema but since the film outfit is the one releasing it in cinemas, we got the chance to talk to them last week. I missed this during that festival so it's a good thing they're releasing it on regular theaters. It's more of a thriller, the plot is also rich with conflicts betweem Dennis and the other characters like Richard Gomez, Derek Ramsey and how the love of LJ Reyes makes it all worthwhile. LJ by the way was also lauded because it made them a bit more human according to foreign critics who watched the film. They also got to be invited in international festivals but they're still finalizing everything so watch out for that.

Dennis said he didn't have any hesitations accepting this film. He says he knows how the indie film industry works and it was more fulfilling for him because he's being praised doing his craft. He's been longing for projects like this and this was some sort of a jackpot for him seeing the roster of artists involved in it. Director Mike says he's flattered that the people have said it looks mainstream but he says he used the same equipment as those used in Hari ng Tondo because they helped each other doing that. LJ wanted to work with Dennis as a leading lady because she has worked with him in the past in supporting roles too. LJ was the perfect pick of Direk Mike, and so was the other characters... like a dream cast. They thought they would not be able to get them but suddenly, they all became available so that was a great thing. Two days before shooting, those impossible ones on Direk's list suddenly all came together, and they haven't even talked about payment yet.


Dennis has a lot of fans in ABSCBN, he's happy and says it felt surreal to have been interviewed by Kris Aquino in the BUZZ two weeks ago. They thanked the GMA management for that for being so generous and allow him to appear in several shows. LJ didn't really prepare because she knew how it was to be pregnant. Direk says LJ will be providing a more human angle to the film because Dennis' character will eventually come home to her, everyday. It's like reality, might be a different kind of truth. They even went to see a real life killer for research would you believe? If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is.

"The film is really raw, they did not calculate the moments even on the script. It was somehow very surprising because the movie takes on a new life when people see it on screen. There are some theater actors here like Nico Manalo that you'll find really good. It's hard to see action films like these on regular theaters because it's hard to produce, and very hard to shoot. Its also grounded to reality and I hope it comes back because we're one of the good countries to produce such things in Asia. We should not just entertain but produce good ones like these. We put everything real here, you'll be overwhelmed about the response of the younger ones who haven't seen a Filipino action film yet. They appreciate it that much, they tell me how they feel after they watch it and congratulate me. Foreign critics have also said the husband and wife story was also something that touched them." says Direk Mike Tuviera.


They hope you get to watch the movie which is now out on theaters nationwide! This is the best film in Cinemalaya btw and won several awards already. Take the time to visit the malls and see them okay?

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