Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015: Kashieca Forges Anew Your "Little Black Dress"

Thursday, October 30, 2014

When Suyen Corporation (people behind bench too) holds a show, it'll surely be talked about for seasons. This is my first bite of Philippine Fashion Week (this Spring Summer 2015 season) because I missed Forever21 last Friday. Anyway, this is going to be fun because I liked what I saw the moment I entered Hall 4 of SMX. This is Kashieca's "Little Black Dress" homage to probably countless ladies who have it in their closet. They want you to be a little more adventurous, fix your dress up in many ways and enjoy it. I might have to break this post up and get HUMAN for another article because I think it's that special. Let's get right into the show shall we?

The stage was simple, they had white fabric running from top to bottom. They had the models stand behind these and come out in a group first. Then they take on the ramp one by one. 

They had striped skirts and tops. They didn't delve into the full "Little Black Dress" theme yet that time but of course I think this is what they had in mind, a direction.

I also saw one of my favorite models on the runway Nikita McElroy. I would love to do a portrait of her someday. I've seen her like my instagram posts and I hope I get to do that soon. It's in my bucketlist as a fashion photographer. Do you see the little black dress somehow in the mix? It's going on top, and sometimes on the bottom, the full dress isn't showing yet but I think that's exactly how the designers ultimately want you to understand how the little black dress can be worn in many ways!

The show continued with small prints, florals that looked good on ladies. I see some of the models are from Elite Manila. I've shot some of them before. They also used signature silver metallic shoes to complement the little black dresses, well not so much yet no? Then she arrived!

I love Jasmine Maierhofer, I adore her. I still get a little shy whenever I ask to have a photo with her. I think I creeped her out when I professed on Instagram but I hope she gets to read this, I'm harmless! LOL

Oh and of course, the prints on this one looks really good. I think the inspiration comes from those Russian Matryoshka Dolls because I see the pattern looks really Eastern European.

A barrage of little black dresses ushered in and it was awesome. Then designer Milka Quin (last photo) came out and got applauded. Bravo! I think she's the one from Project Runway if I'm not mistaken, I've covered her in events before.  Deliberate or not her cuts look so good in form. Although one of the models might have a slightly bigger bulge in the tummy as usual, it'll probably look fine on a regular one. I also like the first few black dresses as it's sexy but not too revealing, something ladies would really want on a date night perhaps.

A little black dress showing black shiny vintage patterns turned ultra moderne comprise Bea Samson's collection. The uneven length in the front and the back gives an illusion of a 60's woman dancing on the early years of Saturday Night Live or Lisa Loeb's "I do" video. I dig what she's doing, just look at the countless ways you can use it with hiphop, rock or glam, it totally depends on the mood of what you want to wear that day and it'll be part of Kashieca. Isn't that nice?

These looks reminded me of painters in Paris during the 60's. The ones who probably set up shop and put their painting easels on the street so they could paint you a portrait with the Eiffel Tower. Mix and match it with a well made hat, it'll still work and be lady like.

It was all made by Sassa Jimenez. It's fun but polished, much like some of her previous work.

These feminine but fierce pieces are by Cebu based designer Vania Romoff. I love how you can actually wear it in different ways. Fitting on the last model was a bit off (length of the skirt) but the whole idea must be a dress that you can wear from morning when you go to the office - and something that you can also use to party at night. It doesn't take away the "sexy" even if you're fully clothed. I loved this one the most. The classic Little Black Dress interpreted in Kashieca's collection is something really for the female form, something that you would deem necessary to be a part of your wardrobe. Put it in different positions, put in layers, it can work with your other existing items without looking dram or cheap. Isn't that classy?!

Mr. Ben Chan and Kashieca image model Liza Soberano. They are joined here by Milka Quin.
Bea Samson, Sassa Jimenez, and Vania Romoff

Congratulations Kashieca Philippines for this awesome show! Congratulations too to Bea Samson, Maureen Disini, Milka Quin, Sassa Jimenez and Vania Romoff for making "The Little Black Dress" more interesting for the Filipina. I guess next up will be the part for HUMAN x JMAN which will be a tad colorful, watch out for that!


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