Product Review of 2TB Seagate Wireless Plus

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I had tons of fashion shows this week so when this arrived in my doorstep I didn't get to play with it. I was excited though because this is the Seagate Wireless Plus, a 2 TB external hard disk that's got wireless capability. I have a Seagate 3TB drive that I'm using for years and it's pretty much stored all my photos since I had my camera. It's also got videos and photos from my event coverages which means there are probably a hundred or more celebrities inside the drive. This 2 TB drive looks quite smaller. I think with the years of advancements in hardware design, Seagate has been able to make drives smaller in form factor. I also have felt that they're way lighter than my old Seagate drive but the metal exterior seems to look the same. It's sleek and classic look would never make your drive look old even for years. I could compare it to a classic Jaguar if you've seen one in Manila.

Seagate Wireless Plus

If you're thinking about storage space, 2 TB can fit around 1000 movies. It would be a little less though if it's going to be those that are HD of course because that's a different story. Imagine how much libraries you can fit in this single unit though, you might finish a whole radio day and never repeat a single track as you play hours upon hours worth of mp3's in one sitting. This can also stream the media wirelessly so if you've got several cellphones, a smart TV, a couple of tablets at home, you won't have a problem sharing content from your drive. I watched Naruto the Movie, Dragonball and Samurai X earlier in my Honor 6 phone, my iPad 3 mini and iPhone but I didn't have any problems. I also tried transferring photos to and from my other drive wired to my laptop and it didn't even get a hiccup. 

Seagate Wireless Plus

I was also surprised to see they thought about international customers. I know people who travel and find out later that their gadgets don't even have plugs on the countries they went to. Like me, I didn't know Hong Kong was going to be troublesome because I had to buy from a local hardware store some attachments like these... but Seagate takes care of that all!

Seagate Wireless Plus

The quick start guide had simple instructions and they also have the USB cable inside the box. I just attached it and installed the necessary drivers. You can transfer the files at this moment because obviously it's going to be slower wireless. If you want to go wireless, just search for the Seagate SSID and associated your device with the drive and voila! I just removed the cable and I was totally wireless! Place it anywhere where you have wireless coverage and you're good! Well, actually you can use it even without the wireless network because this can work as your base station.

Before you start connecting anything to your device, I'd highly suggest you do the product registration first so you get covered by warranty, have easy access to support and software updates for your device.

Before you disconnect your phone from your wireless network, you can download the Seagate Media app from the App Store or Google Play because that's going to be the heart of your operations. All file transfers, all wireless security will be enforced using this application. It's free too!

Disconnect your drive from your laptop/PC and wait for the wireless light to stop blinking. This will broadcast it's own SSID/Network Name. Initially it will be unsecured but once that you're connected to it and run the application, you can setup wireless security and prevent access if you prefer.

Once you connect to the network you can launch the Seagate Media app and secure your network appropriately and give permissions as you need to.

You'll be seeing good news early on. The device can sync your device's content and have them on the cloud. You can also stream from the drive but of course you have to make sure the file format is compatible for your device. One tap and it'll play the media wherever your wireless connectivity reaches at home.

It'll auto upload your media from your devices to the drive without any hassle. You just have to make sure you have the permissions set. Then it will prompt you to connect with the wireless network. You can also opt not to and just stay with the drive's content as is. I can imagine this being used in vacations if you're out with friends or family. Share your movies please!

After you've joined your wireless network, you're going to get connected to the Internet with your device. You can access the device from the Internet afterwards. Use the app to setup the cloud too.

It's going to ask you if you want to send information so Seagate can use the date to improve their devices, but you can disallow it if you want to maintain privacy. The data collected though will be anonymous. Then the help menus can guide you in familiarizing yourself with how to use the media.

You can also setup your Google Drive account, or Dropbox account so it could sync all the content on your drive. That's going to make your business a little better because you get all the copies in tact. The menu also indicates the battery power and how many devices are connected to the drive. You are the master after all!

One tap and you can stream the videos. One tap and you can open folders so you can view your photos instantly.

Setup your personal cloud and use account details for other devices so you can make this all private. You can update account details from here too. Don't worry too much about setting this up because the steps are easy, it's pretty user friendly.

Seagate Wireless PlusSeagate Wireless PlusSeagate Wireless PlusSeagate Wireless PlusSeagate Wireless PlusSeagate Wireless PlusSeagate Wireless Plus

The Seagate Wireless Plus is available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB variants. You can purchase these via resellers like PCWORX, Octagon, Villman or other stores. It's small, you can take it around when you're on vacation, or just use it at home especially when you have smart TV's. It's not that expensive either if you think about the functions it can give you especially the cloud part. That service alone is kinda expensive so if you've got your own, that'll save you hundreds of dollars worth of problems later on. Oh and there's nothing more precious than a good backup of course! It's worth every cent. Make sure if you're considering buying one, take a look at the Seagate Wireless Plus first because I've heard horror stories from other brands lately. You wouldn't want to be a victim of that.

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