Smart Enterprise Launches Workforce Solutions!

Friday, June 26, 2015

In big ceremonies at the posh Valkyrie Club in BGC, Smart Enterprise under Smart the country's biggest network just unveiled their best workforce solutions so they could help SME's and even big businesses thrive in today's economy. Regardless of size, businesses need to be more efficient so they would be able to keep costs low while attending to their customers needs. Smart Enterprise has now brought out workforce solutions so they could meet the demands of their businesses. They have solutions so business owners would be able to generate big data, convert them into understandable and value driven statistics that could help them plan ahead and make their business grow.

This is where their solutions come in, the Smart Store Manager, Smart Pharma, Smart Sales Manager and Smart Service Manager. These services run on trusted and stable PLDT and Smart network so you're sure to get the best and reliable connection when you need it. The Smart Store Manager can be utilized on inventories for warehouses or offices. You can also use well designed apps so merchandising would be a cinch. The Smart Pharma Solution can be used by Med Reps and their operational supervisors so can individually track performance, sales and other location based services needed for the job. You also have the option to classify per area, per medication and find their whereabouts since people in this industry are out in the field. You can measure their productivity wherever they are in the metro.

The Smart Sales Manager on the other hand is pretty good for CRM so you can give real time, efficient data so you can really take on your customers on a personal level, a trait that can make you above and beyond your competitors. The Smart Service Manager on the other hand can get you app based information dependent analytics plus schedule employee tasks. This will make your workforce efficient and increase productivity in all segments.

Ms Katrina Luna Abelarde says "The Philippines has about 45% of its people connected and more in the coming years. We are the social media capital of the world and we live in a now society where everything happens in real time. The only way to keep up is through good investment, not only here but around the world. The time is now!"

You don't have to spend on hardware just to get results, just the right amount of innovative products can get you that competitive edge you need to take your business higher. Mobile and digital technology, the right platform can get you results so you can lower costs and have more revenue. You can venture forward with Smart!

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