A Special Afternoon at Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

Friday, June 12, 2015

Had the pleasure of visiting Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay City a couple of weeks ago with my Mom. As you may have seen on the Discovery Country Suites Facebook Page, I have dedicated a few words for her and I didn't even tell her it was posted there publicly. Discovery Country Suites also had a surprise in mind so when I asked my Mom to free her schedule a couple of days before that, I didn't tell her what it was all about. So when she went there and met the warm people of Discovery Country Suites, she didn't really know what she was in for. 

Discovery Country Suites

While they pulled her off and gave her a huge bouquet of flowers, a luxurious massage and a nice drink on the Discovery Country Suites lawn, they got us inside one of the function rooms in Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay and had us bake real deal chocolate chip cookies. 

Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

They also got us to decorate these sweet treats so we could give it to our Moms later on with personalized dedications on them. I would have loved to show my finished product but we're too shy to do that on public blog posts LOL.

The Interiors

Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

The place originally was a vacation house of the owners of the Discovery Leisure Company and they didn't quite use the space and spent time here only yearly. The smart thing would be to lease it out and they thought to have had a bed and breakfast even before other establishments of the same kind sprouted in Tagaytay. You can say that they were pioneers and with the renovations started immediately so they could accommodate people who would want to spend a weekend, a month, or several ones when they're in Tagaytay as this place just screams serenity, comfortable country living which you can travel a few hours from Manila. The interiors pretty much is an upscale woodsy shabby chic without the glitzy ceramic pots for tea and weathered furniture. I think it was really made to be a country home rather than a hotel-esque environment hence the look. The place gets packed during the weekends though so it's better if you book a few weeks so you could secure a room, or the whole house if you've got money to spend.

Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

Consequently, there was a special brunch happening at Verbena, Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay's restaurant.I was staring at the spread when we walked in but I was optimistic that there will be more, they didn't disappoint us.The work they put in on each dish and pastries, is insurmountable.

Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

See what I mean? They can hold events in the lawn which stands on the lower level of this country home. They also do intimate movie screenings on some occasions under the stars. It's the perfect venue for those romantic dinners, family gatherings and even super intimate weddings. It's definitely got tons of potential. Oh and speaking of desserts!

Discovery Country Suites
Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

We were all in heaven! It ain't even lunch yet when they were preparing this. So we went back to our table and had one of the best lunches I had in my entire life. It was sunny, not too hot, we had tons of lemonade nearby to quench our thirst... then one by one, they came and wowed everyone in that table. Just take a look!

Discovery Country Suites
Straberry Fields Salad - a ton of fresh greens, slivers of Strawberries, onions and torn pieces of blue cheese.
Discovery Country Suites
I am addicted to anything with Truffle or Truffle Oil. This is their Truffle Stuffed Beef Tenderloin. It had all the nice things in it plus all the day's protein you need. Make sure you eat it while it's hot. Don't take too much pictures LOL.
Discovery Country Suites
Herbed Roasted Chicken by Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay is super good. The amount of onions they put inside the chicken's cavity just turned sweet and permeated throughout the chicken's meat. You can taste the sweet and savory flavor no matter what part of the chicken you get. You may ask for this if you plan special gatherings. I had a quarter or more in my plate. Trust me on the chicken.
Discovery Country Suites
Beef Goulash. The crowd favorite. It's soft, super intensely spiced cuts of meat. I think I heard this was slow cooked. It was left to simmer in its sauce for hours. We couldn't wait for the desserts though!
Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

When the Strawberry Shortcake arrived, everyone paid attention. This by far is the best dessert piece that came out of Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay's kitchen. I got told stories of it too even before we went to this place... I must say, the stuff of legends seem to be real. Do not, I say do not leave this place without having this cake. They are not joking when they say this is the best. I was only expecting Mom to be taken cared of and surprised in this short visit but my golly, this is real!

Discovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country SuitesDiscovery Country Suites

Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay by the way also have themed rooms. So it's like a different country in every section. This one's the Japan Room, obviously it's got all the Tatami mats and Japanese dolls, ornaments that's seen in every Japanese home. You can go out of the room to the garden just by opening those doors behind the office table. This is also perfect for a family of 4, so if you've got kids this would be nice. Plus, there's a jacuzzi outside. I can imagine a bottle of champagne would be nice in the cold weather plus that. Again, there are other rooms to choose from so you can take your pick. I personally prefer the room that's separated from the rest of the house (forgot the country), you've got a different path from there too.   

I'd like to take this bit to thank everyone who made our short afternoon lunch a pleasurable one at Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay. All the arrangements, the glitz and the glamour of this break from the city was worth every second because of you. Thank you so much for making this special day for my Mom as great as I wanted it to be. As with any son, I wanted her to be happy and you guys are instrumental with that. Can't thank you enough! Mom thanks you too!

For those who would like to stay for the weekend, or any day for that matter, make sure you visit Verbena Restaurant at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay City. It's right beside the biggest Starbucks branch in the Philippines and you won't miss it if you're coming from the Sta. Rosa route going to Tagaytay. Please call 529-8172 or email dcsrsvn@discovery.com.ph. I heard they've got 60% off on published rates these days and excellent brunch days so please inquire about that as well. Better yet, ask them if they could arrange your small luncheons, dinners or events. I'm sure they can take care of you just the way they did during our visit. Again, thank you!


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