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Monday, June 22, 2015

Yesterday was Fathers Day and I couldn't quite think of anything to give to my Dad as gift. He doesn't need material things, I think he's got tons of that. I don't think he's also the handyman type and love those things in the garage which most Dads do. I thought about the hours he spend watching videos on iPad when he rests or when he tries to get some sleep. It's like a habit and since I'm the good son, I probably should think of giving him iFlix subscription. Now that's a good idea!

IFLIX is a video on demand service that's got countless videos on it's library that you can watch while you're subscribed to them. The thing is, it's designed to work with your handsets too. So wherever you are, when you're stuck in traffic or just at home, you can watch all day from thousands of movies using their app. Now I'm a little worried about costs but I went ahead and installed it on my Dad's iPad yesterday.

Complete with a sad face, the app says I don't have a subscription, but I was quite surprised it's dirt cheap for just Php 129 a month. You can even save more if you purchase Php 1308 per year. I scrolled down a bit and even got the BIGGEST surprise too.

OMG! Would you believe? For customers of PLDT, SMART and Sun Cellular, you can have the subscription for only Php 99 per month! Now that's even better! :) 

As for the choices, my Dad loves action movies. One click on the menu and you've got tons of action movies on your screen. If you're fond of Jackie Chan movies like I am, you'll have Rush Hour, The Tuxedo, or the Shanghai series to start with. Aside from that, they've got tons of TV shows also available on the app. Now, it would be a waste if only Dad would be able to use it right? So the next best thing is to install this on 5 different devices. Yes, you're reading that right. Now I can install this on my 2 iPhones, 2 iPads and use my laptop at the same time. We can watch different shows even when it's in the middle of Edsa as long as I'm covered with my Smart and Sun lines!

Entertainment Everywhere while living the Smart Life!

Aside from that, Smart has got FOX too where you can get 9 new live broadcast channels from Fox International. Now, there's no excuse NOT to be entertained while you're out there. It's like having cable TV on your smart phones, tablets and laptops. It's not too late to be Smart and live the Smart life that everyone's been dreaming of. It shouldn't be hard to do that right? Check out https://www.iflix.com/ today or http//smart.com.ph/smartlife and ask yourself, how do you lead a smart life?

By the way, Dad's still at it today and using the thing to watch Korean shows with Mom. Isn't that the perfect Fathers Day gift? :)


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