Nino and Alonzo Mulach for McDonalds this Fathers Day

Thursday, June 18, 2015

We visited Mc Donalds Eugenio Lopez branch in front of ABSCBN earlier. Saw the set of Minions Happy Meal toys in the special kiosk they made for this release. Apparently they're opening reservations for the cute little creatures from June 15 to 20. 

It costs Php 949 for the whole set of 10 and they highly suggest you order it via the branch you frequent to. The happy meal stubs that come with it should only be claimed on the store where you bought it from. It's a nice thing to do so you don't have to go to other places, like in my case it's either here or the Tomas Morato Roces branch. 

They come in ten different designs and I saw Alonzo Mulach playing with them earlier. What's neat is that each piece does a different thing, very unique actually. Almost the same size as we've seen last year so paying for it in a package is really convenient if you're that much of a collector.

The happy meal claim stubs are in different meal choices too, 10 in fact. You should probably order one now if you haven't yet because chances are, it might get sold out on the last day. Filipinos always do that LOL.

Oh and of course, I went to the Mc Donalds event earlier to see and talk with Niño Mulach and his cute little son Alonzo. I guess he's really following his dad's footsteps as he's a child star already. The crowd went a little crazy seeing him inside the store but he was his cute little self saying hi to everyone just like Dad used to be when he was the wonder boy of Philippine cinema.

It's touching and the official advertisement is already available online, but it'll be out on public TV's this Fathers Day. Make sure you bring your Dad to McDonald's this weekend and treat him to lunch or dinner. Then ask him to buy you those cute little toys you've always wanted, a fair trade LOL!

I'll post more photos of Nino and Alonzo Mulach maybe tomorrow, for the meantime please tell your friends about Minions and the new touching Fathers Day commercial. It's really good!


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