Sun Prepaid Offers Unbeatable TU200

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

What can you buy with 200 pesos these days? A sizzling meal for 2 people, a couple of packs of pancit canton and pan de sal and cola to feed a group, 2 cab trips from here to a nearby TV station, a couple of tokens to play in an arcade, they all sound so simple but achievable right? Well there's more to that amount of money that you can buy. I try as much as I can to give in to life's pleasures. A local burger joint gives buy one take one offers on a regular basis, you can have additional sansrival and cola beverages with that. Or you can go to the grocery and buy pieces of pork chop for the amount and go back home so you can cook dinner for 4. Nothing sounds so good like fried food, hot white rice and vinegar plus chili dips if you're hungry right? There's a lot you can buy with 200 pesos these days! 

As for contacting your friends or family, have you heard of TU200? It's one of Sun Cellular's long standing call, text and time offerings. For 200 bucks, you can now reach almost a thousand people or more in one go. You can have unlimited SUN texts for a whole month, 1,000 texts to other networks, and we just learned now that you can have 5 whole hours of Tri Net calls with it. Isn't that awesome? All you need to do is text TU200 to 247 so you can have all the perks mentioned earlier plus call your loved ones in Sun, Smart and Talk N Text networks - all for 30 days!

There are more things money can buy but getting connected with your loved ones is priceless. You can only get that from the BIGGEST network in the country and it won't make you fat! Now that's the good choice!


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