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Saturday, June 20, 2015

I live in a very peaceful neighborhood, right here in Kamuning, Quezon City. I know the place like the back of my hand. There are only a few places left in QC that you can say, would be still here from ages ago. One of them is the oldest city bread shop called Kamuning Bakery. I often go to this place every week because right after we celebrate mass at Sacred Heart Church, we buy bread and refreshments here. That's not about to change, well a little actually.

The 76 year old bakery that has been the go to place of politicians, artists, singers, celebrities and personalities ramped up the old shabby nook into a well designed store plus a real deal cafe. What you saw on the video is now called Kamuning Bakery Cafe which serves all the bread there, new pasta creations, Kamuning iced tea, Kamuning chicken basket and tons more. You need to go there to taste, and have it. If you're around the area or craving for something home cooked and comforting, their plated meals can do it. 

The new Kamuning Bakery Cafe I must say, is a great idea. New owner, entrepreneur and prolific writer Wilson Lee Flores boasts almost all the products that they have inside the store is cooked the old traditional way via the pugon (brick oven). He's planning to put up another pizza and chicken place by utilizing and reviving the second pugon oven right beside the store. This artisanal way of making bread has been passed on by generations. The bread called Pan de Suelo still remains to be the favorite among consumers - and even that has got history. As for me, their "just right sweetness" Egg Pie, the various cakes and pastries, the new Kamuning Chicken Basket, their Benguet Coffee, the Iced Coffee, their Blue Moon (which I think is a blend of international coffee beans) and their sisig pasta is worth ordering. The good news is, they're open til midnight. If you're up for nostalgia, good food, and great times with friends and family, this place would be a nice refuge. Take the time off and visit them at 43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st Street Kamuning in Quezon City or call them 4112311, 3326066, 4151692, 4126685, 09178481818, 09228321888, 09188077777 if you would like to arrange small events as the place can fit prolly 20 people.   

Kamuning Bakery has been loved by the community since 1939, I think it's about time the whole metropolis knows about the oldest bake shop in Quezon City - and love it like we do.


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