Lee Denim DIY Rip and Repair Workshop: Denim Refreshment

Friday, June 12, 2015

The LEE Denim DIY Rip and Repair Workshop just concluded it's event last May 29-31st at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. I went there on an afternoon and was excited to have my pair made professionally and if possible do it myself since they encourage you to do so.  I didn't do well the last time and I think I ruined the whole thing by trying to be over the top. I guess this time I would have to leave it to the professionals so I could decently wear it later on. They still encouraged me though.

Lee Jeans Refreshed

They got me this card with some steps to follow so I could DIY my own set of denim pants. Lee's current mission is all about Denim Refreshment. Since we all do wear jeans almost everyday, it's a good idea to actually freshen it up for the season. So picking a denim color, denim texture and fit is truly a big undertaking. Lee makes it simple though because once they take out things in season, they also give you the option to choose what fit you would like in jeans. I don't mind wearing low rise ones but this time, I prefer something that falls in the middle because it would be more comfortable to have one while walking the streets of Manila. Remember, it was super hot during summer... but it might rain a little hard a couple of weeks from now so I have to choose something appropriate for both seasons, like something in between.

Lee Jeans RefreshedLee Jeans Refreshed

LEE Denim has been super successful with the new denim pieces that they've released this past year. Judging from the things I saw on the event, they've come out with different textures and treatments so when you modify further modify these jeans, they just look even better when they become weathered. They DIY part comes in this part of the program. You slash, put it in machines that can make it look a little older and used like it's an old one. It just looks better like that right?

Lee Jeans Refreshed

Along with the joy of making our own refreshed denim looks, we were also treated by this gorgeous DJ at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. Aside from that, these gorgeous models provided inspiration on how we probably should make our denim pants look like after the DIY session.

Lee Jeans RefreshedLee Jeans RefreshedLee Jeans RefreshedLee Jeans Refreshed

And I like what I was seeing. You see, there's an easy kind of vibe on how you can wear your denim pants, shirts and other clothing pieces during this season. Don't they look perfect on them?

Lee Jeans Refreshed

This guy right here was helping me all throughout the process, although it was very easy to understand, he went the mile of assisting me about the form earlier.

First up was to change the LEE label. I wanted the black one with gold insignias. They further personalized it by putting in stamped names on it. They used the gold leaf and metal letter press so it would show on the label. It would make your set of pants stand out from the crowd.

Aside from that, this man right here was a master in doing weathered treatment on denim pants. He used drills, scissors, and a couple more things to complete the look. 

They also had a station for painting. This was something where I failed miserably the last time so I wasn't too keen to gamble the look of my denim jeans. I just wanted it simple and weathered this year so I'm not touching this one. The others were really good at it by the way so if you're much of an artist, don't hesitate to use them to your own liking.

As or me...

Lee Jeans Refreshed

It looks like my Denim Refreshment dreams came true. I wore it several times already and I've had nothing but complements about it. You can have one of these too by purchasing LEE Denim online or in stores now. You may check out their channels below for more information.

Remember, you can make your Lee Denim refreshments at home. Jazz up your old pair so you can still wear them today. The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to experiment, don't be afraid to tear it up and take matters with your own hands. If you feel it looks good on you, why would anybody stop you right? Go right ahead and make Denim Refreshment - DIY projects of your own today and wear them comfortably like any Lee Denim Jeans owner would do. Stand our from the crowd. Watch out for the next DIY Workshops from Lee Denim by following their social media accounts too.


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