Celebrate Music with Tunog Transcom

Friday, September 20, 2019

I worked in the BPO industry for a little under 11 years and it has been one of the most high pressured industries I have ever been in. It's not a joke, I've seen people who have had mentally unstable conditions after days of undergoing what's supposed to be usual work, it changed my mind about operations in call centers and project management.

How do you keep your workforce healthy? Easy, by bringing them entertainment that not only they'd enjoy, but also enriches their soul and spirit. Music has that power to change moods, it gives you encouragement to engage in the arts and feel good with the company of like minded friends and co-workers. That's what I witnessed a few days ago in Tunog Transcom.

Over 2000 employees of Transcom Worldwide Philippines went to the Ortigas tent to witness their colleagues perform together with top bands in the country like artist Ebe Cancel, OPM band Mayonnaise, Chiquerella, Sponge Cola, Where's Ramona, This Band, Ben & Ben and everyone's favorite iconic band when it's raining, Aegis!

Mark Lyndsell their CEO says "We have been transforming our business and continuously creating a positive culture so they can express themselves in this annual music fest. Tunog Transcom Tayo will continue together with out other CSR activities including HIV and AIDS Awareness campaigns we do together with The Red Whistle. They put their heart into this which is why we have held this Viral Voice Competition so they could showcase their talent with these talented bands too."

They will be having another installment of Tunog Transcom at the Iloilo Convention Center on September 21 and Bacolod City on the 22nd. They are working together with Tanduay, Seda Hotel, Caronia, Jergens and Liese in this project so for those who work with Transcom, you guys are so lucky!


Kyline Alcantara for BLACK LIPSTICK Shows October 9

I have been hearing about Black Lipstick for a couple of months now. Apparently, this gem of a sequel from Seiko Film’s Blusang Itim where Snooky Serna got the title role from - and is going a bit modern. Consider this as a millennial take on it. I initially thought it was a series but apparently Obra Cinema is gambling on this for the silver-screen with Kyline Alcantara at the helm.

Kyline did a lot of shows in GMA which includes Kambal Karibal and Inagaw na Bituin. She’s still young but it looks like this well awarded actress (from PMPC and ACAA) is taking this all in as her biggest break. It was a hit back then, if you’ve watched it in the 80’s or on YouTube today, you’ll understand why it was adored back then. Snooky was a woman who had an ugly face but turned beautiful when she wore a black garb, this time however they’re using a black lipstick, are they going to change her life from an illness? Judging from the early trailers, it looks like she’s got vitiligo. It shows as white patches on skin and is a bit showy especially on darker skin.

Note: A supermodel Winnie Harlow had this during ANTM Cycle 21 (although she’s getting flak right now about her recent statements against the show) so I am a bit familiar with the condition. I guess to overcome this as a regular person is definitely a challenge, hopefully people will get to know the person and maybe, learn a thing or two about being human.

Snooky says “For me it has come full circle because I got to witness the new version of Blusang Itim which was a very memorable project for me in the 80’s and I just hope the public would love the 2.5 version of it. Kyline is different from me, I was a bit anti social, she is outgoing, in 50 years here, I still get nervous. She is very young when she started, we are both pretty too. She is very professional, very passionate and grateful about their job, that is so beautiful.”

Kyline says “She doesn’t accept who she is, she got bullied, she doesn’t love herself because of her vitiligo. I am a little tense, but Direk was so cool, even Migo and Manolo. I have worked with Ms. Snooky before but this is just an exciting add on. Black Lipstick will show on October 9, and I hope you get to appreciate the persona of Ikay. I am the type of person who thinks ahead so I am pressured. I wouldn’t want to spoil it, both of them I really enjoyed playing, especially Ikay. I hope you love her as much as I do.”

Here's 40 minutes of the blogcon, enjoy!

Director Julius Alfonso says “I love working with intelligent actors and I have seen that in Kyline. They do inputs on the role, I encourage that so it would look natural on screen. She’s very good, I have worked in teleseryes, but she is something I could work on and is refreshing for the role of Ikay and Jessie. I like to work with young actors because they are not boxed, very spontaneous, which hopefully they will enjoy.” Kate Valdez who plays the mean character here says “I get a bit affected about comments with my character. I will be quite mean when it’s about a loved one, maybe that becomes a source of conflict. You should watch out for that!”

So now you’ve got something to watch out for this October. Will KylIne become the next big star? Some have already considered her one, will you be doing that too? Remember, it comes out on theaters this October 9! Black Lipstick is under Obra Cinema.


The MULAT Media Launch

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Marine Cadets/Students who went viral recently opened the event.

They call themselves a new digital platform and yes, it looks good from where I was at their launch in B Hotel in Quezon City. They’re called MULAT Media.

I guess with the advent of digital apps like what broadcasting corporations have been doing, a new player deems okay because the Filipinos have so much data consumption to do. The need to be entertained, informed and helped is there, Mulat Media wants to address this with their platform.

Real solutions to your real concerns. For your pleasure, the app contains programs to address social issues, legal matters, nostalgia, employing technology in media, making it the perfect place to see and hear the help you need. Film making with Happy Land (football with Tondo street kids), Ninja Party, will be discussed in Cine Mulat’s first few shows. WAVV Sessions will discuss indie performers and artists indulging in music. Liza Dino Seguerra will be spearheading the show The FDCP Hour, LGBTQ+ will have fun on the lifestyle show Pretty Little Bekis, for law related concerns, there’s the show Lex Fora. Arnel Ignacio, and Bea Rodriguez will do Mulat Presents (interviewing interesting personalities). If you like Horror in your life, take real stories of ordinary people via My Haunted Stories. There’s just a lot of shows you can enjoy in their platform and yes, it will all be free!

Meric Mara their creator shares “I am an open source advocate and I teach around the country, I could tell how they live, their joy and pain. I love this project and since I started in 1996, I have a lot of clients who have improved their businesses with technology. I looked at my friend who worked in media, and if we put the same technology, there is a big opportunity in this and blockchain technology. Media should provide content, correct and using positive approach. Not to be driven only by revenue, to create content and be instruments in nation building. That is where this all started, you should see more of this soon!”

Sophie Kintanar their CEO says “Thank you for your birthday surprise, I am so happy to have seen this all come true. There will be more, I can’t wait til you see the other shows we have lined up for you. Thank you for coming to our grand launch!”

In the event we also saw Kristel Fulgar (Youth Influencer), Benny Liwanag (who covered the Marawi Siege), Illac Diaz (who did Solar Power and Light NGO projects), Venecio Legaspi (Director for OFW Council of Leaders), Joy Belmonte’s rep, whom they gave Mulat Achievement Awards to.

Check out Mulat Media on FB, YouTube and IG. Their official website is MulatMedia.com and you can download the app on Google Play and watch the shows all day starting this October.


Netizens Praise Alden Richards’ The Gift

The Gift: Review from Kumagcow
"If you're really looking forward to one of Alden's shows, this should be on your list." - John Bueno from Kumagcow #TheGiftWorldPremiere
Posted by GMA Drama on Sunday, September 15, 2019

That's what I said a couple nights ago when we got to preview Alden Richards' new project called The Gift. It already had its first week run and netizens couldn't help but praise what they've watched on TV and made really nice remarks on social media.

I felt the same way, connecting with the things that happened with Sep's family. When they were already poor, he got sick, no way to pay the bills, then he needed confinement. When his father lost all hope, he resorts to commiting a crime, he gets shot and dies. After that, Jean Garcia couldn't pay for rent, had to beg to stay in their apartment, eventually become homeless and decided to leave Sep to fend for his own. He must have had a black cat or walked under a ladder, or maybe broken tons of mirrors to become that unfortunate.

This was when Jo Berry saw Alden got shot

This was when Jean Garcia tried to keep TJ Trinidad be faithful after all those unfortunate events

Drone shots in Divisoria, yes they did

Alden trying to make his mom Jo Berry smile to start the day

ehhhh... he got shot! omg!

TJ Trinidad loses hope, decided to be a Bank Robber the next day

I remember Alden saying they had to bond on set, they didn't have time for workshops before the shoot

Jean Garcia tried to call TJ Trinidad outside the bank so he could surrender to authorities, then he got shot later on

The only thing they got positive reinforcement from was from the young Sep.

He got better, but they never got out of the debt, and the miserable things that were about to happen after TJ died.

There is so much more to watch out for in this series. It shows primetime on GMA, make sure you watch the episode today!


Liza Soberano for Jollibee

I missed this event but of course, we love Liza Soberano that we had to tell you about it.

Just like the new Jollibee Crispy Spice Fries, she's adventurous, likeable, and no other face was considered for it. They obviously wanted Liza for this, and for her to be part of the roster of celebrities that endorsed Jollibee (according to their Senior Marketing Manager Kay Segismundo), I couldn't agree more. Actually, when they said she was one of the country's most beautiful faces, I disagreed, because she's one of the most beautiful faces in THE WORLD hehe.

Liza also wanted spicy stuff and it's what she always enjoys with friends and family, so when the offer was presented to her, she immediately agreed. The 90's themed commercial also already went out, have you seen it? If not, you should. Although there were some Twitter bashing later on, she was very humble and showed concern, I was so impressed on how she handled all that.

You'll love the new Jollibee Crispy Spice Fries like you loved Liza Soberano. I did! It's quite cheap at 49 and 69 pesos!


Regine and Nate for Jollibee

Can I just say? That Jollibee commerical with songbird Regine Velasquez and son Nate is so cute!

Like the spaghetti, it falls on a mom's sweet moments with the kid hence the same perfect sweet spaghetti that Jollibee is also known for. Nate has always been the sweet one according to Regine and to give him what he wants while bonding, she makes sure she gets Jollibee Spaghetti when they're watching TV at home. This goes the same with special occasions when rewarding the good boy. During the commercial, Nate wanted to eat the spaghetti they had for props, it was that good, he always loved it! 

Meanwhile, I already have my Jollibee UAAP doll which I had to scour three cities, 9 stores, 5 malls. I think now that you're reading this you have to go to Jollibee and get a Spaghetti meal so you can purchase the dolls for 399.

I'm hungry.


OPEN with JC Santos and Arci Muñoz

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Spent some hours in ABSCBN to talk to the stars of the film OPEN by Blacksheep and TRex outfits. Good reviews so far, but we had to hear their views about the topic of the movie, it is after all about open relationships. We felt how they got so serious about the journey of the two main characters.

Arci shares “I want to be able to do scenes that would satisfy the director, the artists, it was heavy, even the location was the same. I had to drink so I could vent out cry. We never faked it, I had to drink even before the scene and it was really had. I saw JC’s thing, but funny it wasn’t seen in the camera and we laughed about it. It didn’t make the cut on the heavy scene. I like the light scenes, if there is cake, wine, I love those scenes. I don’t know if there is one, it might spoil the movie. All movies I made, I wasn’t so involved but OPEN had me crying so much in the theater. I couldn’t breathe and had to freshen up before the interviews. It affected me much. If it has been mutually decided, maybe I could think about it. Maybe I’ll try it now since I’m single. It was just the right project for me, maybe in the future I could do it. I didn’t agree on it when I read it, but there’s a lot of types of being open so as long as you have constant and proper communication, and agree on it, maybe, and date people. We didn’t think about how we look, it is the feelings, the emotions, especially the ending because it was heartfelt. And I had to go back a lot of times. I have been cheated by all my exes, all three of them, and since we didn’t have rules or talked about it first, that’s cheating.”

JC says “My favorite scene was when he knelt down, Ethan isn’t like me, I couldn’t believe sometimes how much he’s like that. We are so different. Is it right? Do I receive things correctly!? I didn’t know I was funny, I felt he was wrong a lot of times. But I was with guys in my row of seats in the premiere, and we were laughing about it, it was because we know why.”

Andoy says “I guess that is also my statement, that ending had to be revised 27 times, it depends on the person looking at it on how they want to end. Arci was also sick at that time, I took that inspiration based on the emotions that the artists had that time. My friends were iffy about the topic, they are so sensitive, my artists often had to switch. I have no idea if there are plans on joining other festivals, TREX and Blacksheep will have to decide on that. The original directors cut was 2 hours and 9 minutes, maybe the producers cut would be shorter, but that had the explanation, maybe if Netflix picks it up it will be better. It went to different drafts, but I don’t think you’ll love Ethan after. It discusses a lot of taboo, ironic even the top grosser is about LGBT, there are a lot of things to talk about especially discrimination.”

It’s still showing on theaters, go check out the film OPEN and maybe, just maybe, you’ll change your mind about it like they did.


Unboxing the JOYROOM JR T04S Wireless Earbuds

Monday, September 16, 2019

This literally came at the right place, at the right time. 

For those who know how I work, I need about two powerbanks, two phones, my earphones and editing software so I could upload videos on YouTube. I also need this for listening to audio interviews so I could encode it as statements in my blog. Aside from that, I need ear phones to also use for listening music so I continue to get inspired to write. I also need it for gaming because we all know how important it is to hear footsteps in PubG, also the warnings on Mobile Legends. I have been using the wired earplug type for approximately two weeks when the unimaginable happened, the cord just went ballistic on me and suddenly looked like trash after being folded a couple of times in my bag. The wired earphones was expensive, but it didn't quite last long, I felt sad about it.

My option was to get the Apple Airpods, but when we talk about budget constraints, it just throws it out of the options. It costs an arm, and a leg, and the whole head. It was obvious,  I needed wireless earbuds, and I needed one fast. Dropped by the Digital Walker Store and found these JOYROOM JRT04S Wireless Earbuds for less the price. Heck, you could literally but several of these for one of the Airpods, so this for me was the more viable option. I wanted to be practical, but I was so surprised that with this, I didn't feel I was shortchanged.

The box contains the unit, the earphone charger and USB micro cable.

The actual earphones sits snug on the dock. It lights up when charging in and out of the container. I used it for several hours and lasted me the day after, before I had to charge it again. You'll hear a constant beeping sound in ear when it's about to run out of juice. Easy to know when to do it.

The earphone itself has a clicker on the side which functions like a home or play button. It can pause or play your track or video on YouTube, no need to do it on the phone at all. I loved that part so much I used it to play mobile games too!

The Selfie Lord had to do it LOL... it's very minimalist, light to carry around in your pants or even your bag.

It fits snugly on my ear, I have a huge one and it felt just right for me. I looked happy just abusing it with music all day!

I even ran around the house, cooked while it was attached, it didn't drop or stop connection even if I was a bit far from my phone. It uses Bluetooth connection so you can know how far it goes.

The audio from this one is not much concentrated on BASS, it had the type with real sound. I had it on full volume and I didn't get annoyed with the things I heard from it, this might be the coolest gadget I have to date. I should have bought one ages ago! I mean, why didn't I think of that right?

When you double click it, you can use it for SIRI functions. If you press it longer, it goes to the previous track on the left, the next one on the right. Like a kid in a candy shop I was already thinking about who to give this to during Christmas, I have tons of techie friends who would appreciate it. It also works on my other phone which runs on Android so it isn't just limited to my iPhone. I really love it, especially that it only costs Php 1,390. Digital Walker might run out of this thing in the next coming months, so if you're in the area, might as well get one fast! It is also available at OMG Feel Good Gadgets Store.

I'm enjoying it so much I have it with me all the time! So for my friends, you can ask me and if you're good, I'll let you try it. For everyone else,go get it in Digital Walker Stores nationwide!