Philippine Celebrities Now On Team iFlix

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I've been able to utilize my iFlix account really good because I've got it shared all throughout the house. Mom watches Koreanovelas, Dad watches Hollywood action movies, I watch US TV series and Anime programs whilst everyone wants to do that anytime, anywhere because iFlix can be watched on my lovely network + the biggest in the country SMART! It's also way affordable just because I'm a Smart subscriber. It's the same with PLDT and TalkNText too. Now imagine that convenience in entertainment, put in the Philippines top celebrities and you have something good called Team iFlix. 

Today sparks an excellent lineup of artists from the Philippine showbiz industry and they're here as shareholders and partners in the business. The gorgeous Iza Calzado, stunning Jasmine Curtis Smith, Raymond Guitierrez, hunky Richard Gutierrez, funny JM Rodriguez and Karylle Tatlonghari Yuzon. This was the great BIG announcement made during the event held in Salon de Ning in Manila Peninsula today. 

Here's what happened on video:

IFlix Co-Founder and CEO Mark Britt says "It's an honor for us to have such an astounding list of celebrities to join us as shareholders. Together with Hollywood executives, we have the most formidable profiles and networks in the entertainment industry. We're certainly proud of that."

iFlix Country Manager Sherwin Dela Cruz added "We want to change the way people watch TV shows and films. With all these gorgeous and good looking people from the entertainment industry, we hope we would go that path together. It is acheivable and we can't wait for that to happen. They will be key personalities thay will develop projects for original iFlix productions. They will also negotiate with independent local producers and film, TV studios. So just imagine the possibilities!"

For those who haven't really had iFlix yet, there's a complimentary 30 day trial full access to the iFlix library, world class services, features and content. You don't even need a credit card to register. Go get them at today and see how it feels to be with Team iFlix!

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