LG Unleashes World's First Curved OLED TV

Thursday, November 05, 2015

We checked out the LG event in Ascott in BGC as they announced the world's first Curves 4K OLED TV. This new technology called 4K Ultra High Dynamic Range has continued to be used by different brands but making it in a curved fashion is an industry first. 

Imagine the perfect pitch black, a richer color contrast, more richer and vibrant colors in a leage which would put LCD and LED to shame. It's also got self lighting pixels that manages to go on and off and do it individually. The LG OLED TV can also do full HD resolution, has their own Art Slim design, and views which you can have perfect viewing with in any angle. They promise to be the significant leader in technological innovations in this industry and believes they'll still be delivering these OLED innovations around the world. They've won countless awards like the Honoree CES Innovation Award 2015, a glimmering 5 star review in Digital Trends, and a Best. Picture Ever Comment in popular CNET. 

Since it's also Christmas, they've got it at 25% discount for the 55 inch ones in the LG' 4K OLED line. It only happens November 1 to 15 only. You may visit LG.com/ph, LG Philippines FB page and @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram. I can't afford it, but if you do now would be the best time to get one in Abensons stores nationwide!


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